Blab with Sandy: A-SLAM

Blab With Sandy: A-SLAM

Hey, folks! In this week’s #BlabWithSandy, I have with me, my dear friend, DJ Hussein A-SLAM from Vancouver. He has been hitting the music scenes hard over the recent years and he just had his latest release in the form of “4 U” album. Let’s wait no further and dive into the exciting blab I had with him”

Could you tell us all about your latest album ‘4 U’?

A-SLAM: I started off in music as an MC and producer, but then I was able to make a career as DJ. And I’ve been DJing professionally for over 10 years now. But then during the COVID slowdown in live events, I had the time to rap and produce an entire album. This is actually my debut solo album. It’s a 7-track journey through the East-Meets-West experience.

This album is a culmination of all my musical experience and my own personal growth journey over the last 5 years. And so, I really hope this album gets people in a vibe that they feel they can just be their authentic selves.

Sandy: The most fav track of the 7 for you and why?

A-SLAM: Of course, my favourite song is “4 U”, that’s why I named the album after that song. The song is an ode to my mom but is also about the complex relationship that can exit between adult children and their mothers. The video for “4 U” was created by an all-women-led creative team, including AJ Simmons, Emma Djwa, Kristine Cofsky, Hayley Sawatzky and led by director Kamantha Naidoo. The video puts an emotional and creative spin on a traditional Mother’s Day photoshoot and features my mom who came to Vancouver as a refugee from Uganda in the 1970s.

Sandy: How easy or difficult is it to blend multi themes into a single album?

A-SLAM: I think if it feels difficult, then you shouldn’t do it. And I have done things before that didn’t feel as natural, but I had to go through a lot of growth to come back to finding myself, my own confidence and my own voice, to make this album. So, for me this album, it came really naturally.

Sandy: Why did the album take around 3 years in the making for you?

A-SLAM: That’s because I was always DJing. So I never had the chance to focus on creating music. Even now that I have started doing events again, I’m being more cautious of not letting DJing take over my entire life, and trying to find a balance between DJing, doing my own music, and also just having a normal social life.

Sandy: How has the reception been towards your latest release?

A-SLAM: Honestly, it has been so beautiful. And I’m so grateful to everyone that has been streaming it and sharing it. I also just booked my first music festival show where I’m going to be performing my own album, with a live band. It’s really a dream come true.

Sandy: What’s in the pipeline for you in the coming months?

A-SLAM: My entire album is out, so now I’m going to put out open verse versions of the songs, so other up-and-coming artists can make their own versions of the songs and drop their own verses. I’ll be putting those up on IG reels during the summer.

Interview by Sandy (Sandeep Rao)

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