Elli AvrRam shares some intriguing personal experiences on her TedXBITS talk!

Elli AvrRam Shares Some Intriguing Personal Experiences On Her TedXBITS Talk!

Elli AvrRam has always been the master of her own destiny, and chalked her way independently from Sweden all the way to India, in pursuit of her big Bollywood dreams.

The actress has come a long way and is today one of the most celebrated entertainment personalities. However, the journey wasn’t easy and sprinkled with ups and downs.

Elli who was recently invited as a speaker at TedXBITS organized in Goa, spoke of how she went about realizing her dream, her struggles, and how she enjoyed every bit of the process, encouraging others to do so as well.

Said Elli, “There could be people in your life who could push you and give you some help but the rest is all you. That’s the advice I’d give everyone with a dream out there, everyone who wants to achieve something in life. Know that you have yourself, know that you have to stay sincere, know that you have to be dedicated towards your work and that you have to work hard. And when I talk about hard work it doesn’t have to be all sweat and tears, it means learning to enjoy the process.” Adding that, “When I came here I adapted to the culture and the traditions, with a lot of love and respect..I would travel by train ..I started modelling, I took ice cold showers in the morning, I learnt to live with cockroaches and insects in a small apartment, there were lot of things I had to adjust to….I lived a life so opposite from my life in Sweden….but I wanted this so badly and I was so passionate about my dream..so I learnt to enjoy my process, enjoy my journey instead of being negative about it…I was enjoying every day because I knew, that I was going for my dream in life…and that’s the best feeling ever because I didn’t want to grow and always think ‘what if’. I was fierce and I said to myself I’m going to go for it.”

Elli also shared some intriguing details from her personal life and her upbringing, she said, “I grew up in a Greek Orthodox home, which meant even if I stepped out clubbing; my mother would accompany me or else I wasn’t allowed to go out. So when I approached my father and nervously told him how I wanted to go to India and try my luck in Bollywood, he asked me a lot of questions and I was really young and didn’t really have all the answers.”

Elli AvrRam also had the audience in splits with her humorous approach as she inspired them with her own personal journey.

The actress has an exciting slate ahead with Tiger Shroff starrer ‘Ganapath’, ‘Goodbye’ with veteran actors Amitabh Bachchan and Neena Gupta and ‘Naane Varuven’ alongside Dhanush.

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