Blab with Sandy: Arshdeep Purba

Blab With Sandy: Arshdeep Purba

Hello, People! In this episode of #blabwithsandy, Miss Canada Global 2019-2020, Arshdeep Purba joins me. Arshdeep is also an actress who has made her mark in Punjabi films and is soon going to pave a way for her in the International scenes. Let’s wait no further and dive into the blab I had with Arsh:

Sandy: Hey, Arshdeep! Hope you’re doing as beautiful as your looks.

Arshdeep: Ha-ha! Thanks, Sandy.

Sandy:  A few words about your early background.

Arshdeep: My parents were born in Punjab and we are Punjabis. I was born in Calgary, a city in Alberta, Canada. I moved to Vancouver in 2015. I got myself admitted at the Vancouver Film School and I’ve received an acting diploma. After which, I plunged into acting and modeling.

Sandy: You’ve been crowned as Miss Canada Global! Congratulations to you, Arshdeep. How do you feel about your beauty pageant journey?

Arshdeep: Thank you, Sandy. It’s an interesting journey. One of my friend’s did a pageant for herself and she did great for herself. We believed even I could give it a try. I just went ahead for fun and to experience the whole thing. I was just being myself out there and I never thought I would be winning it. But, as I kept moving ahead in the rounds, the crown was nearing me. Finally, I won the pageant and it is a moment that I’d cherish forever!

Sandy: How did your life change after becoming ‘Miss Canada Global’?

Arshdeep: It definitely got more people reaching out to me. I went beyond news and radio stations. People literally gave me leadership roles and higher goals were set. I was asked to hold events and some of them even started asking me for advice. Belief on myself grew by many folds.

Sandy: Talking about your acting career, you’ve already acted in Punjabi films. How is your acting career going along?

Arshdeep: While at school, I was into dramatics. In Calgary, there wasn’t much work for me, so I decided to move to Vancouver where I got good work. I did a couple of music videos, theatre shows and I was getting nice accolades for my performances.

I did a film called ‘Teri Meri Jodi’ which has done very well. I am not interested in becoming a famous star but, all I want to do in the movies is to be a part of films that change lives and bring something different to the industry and the society.

Sandy: You’ve lived most part of your life in Canada, so how do you manage to look out for work in India?

Arshdeep: I have a person out there in India who looks out for work and notifies me. Personally too, I have a lot of network and I do keep my connections abreast of my plans and intentions. I am also trying to focus on Hollywood as cinema is going global. My accent too suits the western style of making.

Quick Shot Round:

  • Love: It’s all about giving and serving others
  • Modeling or Acting: Acting
  • If you’d to barter your profession for a day, you would be a? CSI Agent
  • Good and bad about the industry: Good is our ability to connect and reach to lot of people easily nowadays and the bad is about being stereotyped and there is a lot of discrimination
  • Your worst habit: I take too many things on my plate and I don’t know how to break all at once
  • Favorite Actors: Ranveer Singh, Priyaka Chopra, Aamir khan, Diljit Dosanj, Sonam Bajwa, Jennifer Aniston and Tom Hardy
  • Favorite Movies: Gully Boy and Peaky Blinders series
  • If you are Idle, you indulge in: Traveling the world and seeing different things. And, I am a foodie too, so I would gorge on food
  • Morning or a Night person: Night

Sandy: How important is fitness in your daily life?

Arshdeep: It is very important as it’s good for mental as well as physical health. I am also into dancing and swimming. I believe, being into sports and fitness can help us getting a lot of things done in an easy and quick manner.

Sandy: What’s in the pipeline for you in the coming months?

Arshdeep: I am going to represent Canada in the Miss Global International pageant and I am preparing for it. There are a few films that are coming up. I would also be doing a Netflix show in the near future.

Sandy: A piece of advice you’d like to give to the newcomers?

Arshdeep: It is not an easy industry to enter and survive. You need to have the right mindset and have your heart in the right place to be successful. Your goals may see really far but you need to keep pushing yourself as nothing comes easy. Keep working everyday and one fine day, things will fall into place.

Editor’s note: It was great interacting with Arshdeep Purba. Wishing Arshdeep a beautiful cinematic journey ahead, filled with whistles and cheers!

Interview by Sandy (Sandeep Rao)

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