Blab With Sandy: Jenny Rei

Blab With Sandy: Jenny Rei

Hey Folks! Guess who joins me in this week’s #BlabWithSandy? I have a really special guest with me. Jenny Rei it is! She is an International model, actress, writer, and a freestyle diver. She has lot many things on her plate. Let’s dive into the blab I had with Jenny:

Sandy: Hey Jenny! Hope the World’s doing as good as you! 🙂

Jenny: Hi Sandy! Thank you! I’m just trying to keep up with our amazing world!

Sandy: Could you throw some light on your background?

Jenny: I was born and raised in Germany, finished school there and started studying politics and social science. I took a year off after school and left for India for volunteer work and taught fishermen children English.

From then on, I traveled the world for different NGOs and modeling, from Europe to Israel, Dubai, the Middle East, India and Asia. India is my chosen home since the last 7 years and I’ve had a fabulous time in this fascinating, magnetic country.

Sandy: You seem to be a multi-faceted individual, having interests in art, media and environment. Let’s talk about modelling first. You modeled for some big brands worldwide. How did it all begun?

Jenny: I started modelling when I was 6 by coincidence. A friend of my parents was a big advertising photographer in Germany and he asked if my brother and me if we were interested in doing a job he was shooting.

After that I was signed by an agency for kids but stopped during my teenage years and started again when I turned 16. I went on to pursue that career after school.

It was really tough at first cause I’m not super tall or well, tall at all but I’m quite resilient and good at planning and organizing myself and made it work and shot many times for Vogue, Harper’s, Elle, Chanel, Bvlgari, Dove and Lakme.

Sandy: You also have your own fashion brand called ‘Rei by Jenny Rei’, which have been featured on Vogue and Elle India. Priyanka Chopra and Sonam Kapoor too have been a part of your brand. A few anecdotes on it.

Jenny: I started my brand ‘Rei by Jenny Rei’ out of my passion for fashion and I’ve taught myself sewing, draping and embroidery when I was a teen.

I used to sell dresses to friends and then once in India when I was established as a model I went back to it. I had my own workshop and tailors for a few years. It was such an amazing learning experience in becoming an entrepreneur.

I think my line brought a little bit of a different vibe to the normal, mainly Indian fashion scene. It was appreciated well and I’m super thankful to have seen my creations on some of the most successful actresses in India.

Sandy: You are also into script writing. How do you manage your time with such varied interests coming together as a bunch?

Jenny: To be honest it’s a mess and I love it. I live my life in multiple places, doing multiple things and I’m just waiting for it to all come together and find my true purpose.

You never stop learning. I started writing plays in school when I was about 8 years old and made my whole class be in it and I directed it.

Writing was always a passion of mine. So once the opportunity came up via the Soho House Script Contest this year… it was a true calling for me to take a chance, learn how to really write a script and go for it. And it worked: my script ‘Trash Mermaid’ made it into the Soho House Top 10 Scripts worldwide.

Sandy: Acting has also been a part of you. What kind of roles interest you? Anything in particular about Bollywood cinema that you are keen to be a part of?

Jenny: Initially, after I finished school, I was thinking to go into musicals and visited a musical school in Hamburg for a bit.

Singing, dancing, acting and expressing myself is truly another passion and something I’m trying to regain right now.

I went on to do a German tv show and had a supporting role in a movie. I’m not a big fan of comedy, I like fantasy, sci-fi, horror, fairytales and dark stories/movies. I’m quite a serious person inside and I’d love to get an opportunity to do anything on those lines in Bollywood or Hollywood.

Sandy: Talking about you being a water person. ☺Being a swimmer, protecting the oceans, raising awareness on non-usage of plastics, and so much more! Your passion towards water seems angelic. What are your plans for the planet earth on this front?

Jenny: Thank you! My first love is and will always be the ocean. I wish I could do way more than I do.

I only have limited resources, so I’m trying to change my own lifestyle and the way I live first and spread awareness from what I learn and do what I can on the creative front.

I feel there was a huge shift though in recent years and more and more people start seeing the horrible effects we have on Mother Nature and the ecosystem.

The world will be a better place when people are actively pursuing to live in harmony with nature and their true purpose and selves.

Quick Shot Round:

  • Favorite Holiday Destination: Maldives
  • Love: Kind people. Intimacy
  • What angers you the most? Negativity
  • Biggest regret till date: Not a single thing. Everything happens for a reason.
  • If you wake up as a man one day, what would be the first thing that you’d do? Check out my newfound manhood 😂
  • If you were to go on a road trip with two film personalities, who would those two be and which place would you travel to? Keanu Reeves and Jim Carrey. We’d be traveling through the Amazon rainforest.
  • Favorite place in India: Udaipur
  • One good thing and one bad thing about the modelling industry: Good: Traveling the world. Bad: Advertising telling people they’re not good enough or happy without ‘stuff’.
  • If you were to barter your life for a day, with whom would it be? James Cameron. I’d go on one of his deep-sea dives.
  • Script writing, modelling, swimming – list them in the order of preference: Swimming, writing, modelling.
  • Bollywood actors that you’d like to work with: Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan

Sandy: What’s in the pipeline for you in the coming months? Any plans of putting up your projects in India too?

Jenny: I’m currently in Los Angeles for acting, writing and modelling, but I’m planning my ‘Trash Mermaid’ short film that’s supposed to be shot in and around Bombay. Hopefully this year.

I have most of the team together and I’m right now looking for funding and ethical partners that will be beneficial for spreading awareness about protecting our oceans. I have so many ideas, so there’s definitely more to come. I’m super excited!

Sandy: Anything that you’d like to say to the readers about anything that you’d want to? 🙂

Jenny: Always believe your intuition/instincts and ’Never get tired of being your true original self. You are too special to be anything other than a reflection of your true identity.’ (Edmond Mbiaka)

Sandy: A few words about Hyderabad Local.

Jenny: Hyderabad Local is such a great spot to read some amazing interviews from interesting and diverse people and get updates on Bollywood, Indian cinema and lifestyle. Thanks for having me, appreciate it!

Editor’s note: It was indeed a beautiful experience interacting with Jenny Rei. She is a person with immense understanding of what she wants to do in her life and is persistent with her path! This aspect of hers is really amazing. Wishing her the best and I really hope to collaborate with her for some creative endeavors in the future.

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