All About Anisa’s ‘Hope’

All About Anisa’s ‘Hope’
I got to hangout with Anisa, the actress/host/writer recently and she was all excited about her book titled ‘HOPE’ that is set to release on 21st June. Her podcast ‘Unplug with Ani’ is a fruitful banter that has won many hearts. Now is the time for her book to win the hearts of readers all around the world! Let’s wait no further and dive into the exciting blab I had with Anisa Butt:
Sandy: What is your book all about? 
Anisa: What is life without hope? My book ‘Hope’ is an intimate anthology of poems to remind you that there is light at the end of the tunnel. That despite all of life’s hardships, with a bit of love and a lot of faith, we are in fact cut out for the race. What we learn along the way is not only the importance of resilience, but self acceptance, self love and the confidence to speak our truth.
Find your voice and what you’re good at and just keep playing because if you don’t, the need to please bleeds into every area of your life and you lose yourself. You lose the very things that make you, YOU.
Sandy: Writing has definitely been one of your forte. How do you see your growth as a writer with the release of your book?
Anisa: I have been writing since I was super young. I used to enter creative writing competitions and later began writing poetry. Over the years I can’t count how many times I have been told by people to write a book. This maybe isn’t the book they were referring to, but it’s a step in that direction (she laughs). I began putting together a manuscript in 2019 and it’s finally come together. I present to you “Hope.”
Sandy: What made you pick its title as ‘Hope’?
Anisa: I knew I had to call it “Hope.” I am the woman who chooses to always see the stars even from the gutter, so I think the word sums up everything I am about and also the things that inspire me to write. Everyone loves a happy ending. It’s not just about that though, it’s about staying hopeful despite the circumstances, and it’s almost like my ode to this word. In 2020 we were hit by a pandemic and all we had was hope. There is always hope for something better. Hope for more. Hope for solutions, for answers, for changes.
Sandy: What genre does ‘Hope’ fall into?
Anisa: I would say “Hope” is more than a poetry book, it’s a huge part of me, and it includes lessons and musings I have learnt along the years. From life lessons to love lessons.
Sandy: With things going the digital way, your thoughts on readers purchasing the paperback version of ‘Hope’!
Anisa: My very talented friend Kimberly has hand done some beautiful illustrations, so I would highly recommend buying the paperback book, which releases June 21st. It’s also a book you can read more than once! All the more reason to buy one and keep it, or even gift it to someone.
Sandy: What can the readers expect out of the book?
Anisa: My hope is really to inspire my readers to dig deep and find that hope. To have faith to persevere despite the odds. It’s easy to say everything happens for a reason and hard to believe at times, but I think that is what life is about. We will be challenged. It’s really how we respond to those challenges which make us and/or break us. Do we carry on? Because that’s a choice.
Sandy: What next after this one?
Anisa: I have definitely put a big part of my soul into writing this, and I truly hope readers can relate and feel encouraged. I “hope” to write many more books! Let’s see what life throws at me next. While acting is always my first love, as a creative you always want to pour into something. So here is to doing more of that!
Editor’s note: Wishing Anisa a successful career as a writer. Request all the readers to hop onto ‘Hope’ and grab your copies at the earliest. You can feel free to let me or Anisa know about your experiences after reading the book!
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