Blab with Sandy: Sayali Bhagat

Blab With Sandy: Sayali Bhagat

Hello Folks! In this week’s #blabwithsandy, I have former Miss India 2004 winner and actress Sayali Bhagat with me. Sayali created a lot of buzz after being crowned Femina Miss India. She made a rocking debut opposite Emraan Hashmi in ‘The Train’ which had blockbuster songs. She even acted in the South with Allari Naresh’s ‘Blade Babji’ being a super hit. She has been away from films for some time, so lets dive into the blab and find out what she’s upto:

Sandy: Hello, Sayali! Thank you for being a part of ‘blab with sandy’. Hope you are doing well!

Sayali: Thank you, Sandy. Yes, I’m doing well!

Sandy: Could you let us know all about your early background?

Sayali: I hail from a small town Nasik. I was a regular teenager who used to participate in college shows. I didn’t have much of experience in showbiz but all I had was an interest to excel in it. I was part of the MTV Bakra show and was part of the famous ‘Rahul Dravid’ episode. I was part of MTV Style Check and I used to do these programs all out of fun and during my free time.

Sandy: Talking about you being crowned Femina Miss India, it would have been such a wonderful moment for you, isn’t it? Can you share some anecdotes on this beautiful journey of yours?

Sayali: You know what, Sandy? My application number was around 3000 and I had no idea that they would call me. From 3000 participants, they had shortlisted 300. I was then picked under top 30 and finally to the top 3. I prepared really hard and was sincere about it. Winning Miss India gave me a platform to realize my love for acting.

Sandy: You debuted opposite Emraan Hashmi in ‘The Train’, which also marked Geeta Basra’s debut. The film did well and its songs became chartbusters. How was the experience of entering Bollywood?

Sayali: I did not want to wait for the best films to come my way, rather I wanted to pick scripts which were genuine and had a scope to act. I wanted to work with decent names and I am happy to have started my acting journey with ‘The Train’. The songs were a hit and the film too did well at the box office. I never differentiated between movies and modeling. I did many ramp shows and commercials and I treated each segment the same. Be it big or small, I never bothered about them. The experience was surreal and I must say, I had quite a lot of fun!

Sandy: How was it working with Emraan Hashmi?

Sayali: He was the flavor of the season and everybody wanted to be paired opposite him. I am happy that I got that chance and we both were pretty new. It was nice being around him and the whole team. We were upcoming artists and had many dreams filled up in our eyes.

Sandy: After a bunch of films, you somehow reduced your presence.

Sayali: I worked in decent films and I became the flavor of that particular season and I kept myself busy. I was positive with the work I was doing. People may think that I was not seen much in Bollywood but actually I was simultaneously working in films of other regions like Bengali, Telugu, Punjabi, etc. I was juggling between all regional cinema and maybe that’s why the audience feels I was away from movies.

Sandy: You made a hit entry in Tollywood opposite Allari Naresh in ‘Blade Babji’. Could you share some snippets on it?

Sayali: Sometimes, Sandy, our own strategies do not work out and sometimes they do! I was in Bollywood and thought why to enter Tollywood but then I made a decision to do the film. ‘Blade Babji’ did so well that my debut down South too worked big time. I could resonate with its success.

Sandy: You also made a mark for yourself in the fashion field. That’s an interesting arena, Sayali.

Sayali: Yes! I did calendar shoots, was part of award shows, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and other events.  I roamed many places for shoots, shows, movies, and I can actually be termed as a National actor, haha! Each movie or show I signed was an experience I am proud of and I am glad to have received these many opportunities.

Quick Shot Round:

  • Love: It’s about dependability
  • Regret: Maybe not doing work in Television
  • Given a chance to change something in your filmography, what would it be? Many songs came my way and I was of a thought that they were item numbers. Maybe, I should have done a few of them
  • Your worst habit: I tend to over think and due to that, the subject loses its charm
  • Good and bad about the film industry: Good is it has that amazing scope for job satisfaction. The bad is that not many people can get into it and the vacancies aren’t many
  • If a book were to be published on your name, what would you name it? Simple Living, High Thinking
  • Difference between Bollywood and Tollywood: The amount of songs we shoot differs
  • If you’d to barter your career for a day, what would it be? I am really itching to be a part in the Medical stream
  • Most used App: Amazon and the News Apps
  • If you were to be stuck in the Lift with two other film personalities, those would be? I grew up idolizing Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit

Sandy: What’s in store for Sayali in the coming months? Can we see you back onto the silver screens?

Sayali: The OTT platforms are a rage nowadays and it’s the digital era. Audience is no longer only inclined to the silver screen and this change is nice. I took a sabbatical after marriage and the birth of my child. I had to take a break and that’s why the gap. I shot for Bhram, a web series, and I am also keen on producing OTT shows.

Sandy: What kind of roles are you looking at to get back to acting?

Sayali: I mostly like Thriller genre and Comedy is also my forte. I am ready to experiment and do a variety of things. I would want to adapt myself to the new-age cinema.

Sandy: Any advice that you’d like to give to the newcomers entering the film industry?

Sayali: I don’t think I need to tell them anything as all of them are well versed with the current trends and social media. They are mature and they must understand the art in them and accept the challenges to build a career in this industry.

Editor’s note: It was a pleasure blabbing with Sayali Bhagat and getting to know her journey. Wishing Sayali, a beautiful cinematic experience ahead, filled with exciting scripts and noteworthy performances.

Interview by Sandy (Sandeep Rao)

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