Blab with Sandy: Chandan Roy Sanyal

Blab With Sandy: Chandan Roy Sanyal

Hello Folks! In this week’s #blabwithsandy, we have actor Chandan Roy Sanyal with us. Known for his stellar performances in Faltu, Kaminey, Jazbaa and other films, Chandan’s recent work in Prakash Jha’s ‘Aashram’ has shown another dimension of his to the viewers while Kaali Season 2 and Forbidden Love were his other notable recent releases. Let’s dive into the blab I had with him:

Sandy: Hello Chandan! Hope all’s well at your end. 🙂

Chandan: Hey Sandy! Everything is good, thank you. 🙂

Sandy: Could you let us know a little about your early background?

Chandan: I belong to the Karol Bagh area in Delhi. I did my studies from DU and completed my Honours in Mathematics. I joined a theatre group in Delhi and later moved to Mumbai. I directed, produced, and acted in my own plays. After a while, I went to England and did theatre.

Sandy: F.A.L.T.U. brought you good recognition but it was Vishal Bharadwaj’s ‘Kaminey’ that catapulted your acting prowess. A few words on your days back then.

Chandan: Those were my initial days in films and I had neither set plans nor any backup. I was a theatre artist and I got the opportunity to act suddenly.

I had no clue how my character would be and I was not prepared to be an actor in films. I was happy with theatre. I had none to guide me and I did what I felt was right. I am happy that whatever came my way, I got to choose the right ones which touched my heart.

Sandy: Apart from being a part of some really good films, you are now a sensation over the OTT platforms.

Chandan: Yes, films and OTT are very different. I never got to play big roles in the movies. All that hustle and bustle kept going on and I kept surviving year after year. With the emergence of OTT, I am getting meaty roles that are satisfying my hunger as an actor.

Sandy: Jazbaa had some stellar cast and it must have been a learning opportunity for you.

Chandan: I believe, Jazbaa had me in one of the best characters that I have played till date. Director Sanjay Gupta was an established name and the script was very strong. He offering me a role was a good thing that happened. Irfan Khan and Aishwarya Rai being a part of the film was a bonus for me.

Sandy: Your recent OTT release ‘Aashram’ has turned out to be a hit. One of the key ingredients to its success has also been your role in it. How did you land yourself in this project?

Chandan: I was sitting at home and I received a call from the casting director about a huge show going to be released on MX Player. I got to meet them and learnt that it was being directed by Prakash Jha. I have always loved his films and he conveyed the same too!

I never got a chance to work with him and the casting also included Bobby Deol. The workshops were amazing and it worked out really well for the character that I played of Bhopa ji.

Sandy: Talking about your character ‘Bhopa ji’, it had many layers to it and it isn’t as easy as it looks. What all went behind prepping for that role?

Chandan: After reading the script, I had a few questions about the character and whatever the director used to tell me while shooting; I used to take down my notes. It was a continuous process right from the pre-shoot days till the end. Every day before going to bed, I used to learn my lines.

I wouldn’t say it’s my best role as every film that I do, I believe it has its own charm. An actor cannot predict the success of a role or of the movie. I am happy that ‘Aashram’ did well and my role got a lot of attention. Some roles satisfy you and some roles make you the talk of the town.

Sandy: A few words about director Prakash Jha and Bobby Deol.

Chandan: He is a sweet person. I’d never met him or Bobby Deol before. I am a fan of Bobby Deol’s Barsaat and I also love the way Prakash Jha makes his films. It was a good opportunity for me working with them. Over the period of time, my friendship with Bobby grew. I also see a long association with Prakash Jha.

Sandy: How different has your journey been in Bollywood in comparison to your Bengali films?

Chandan: I never differentiate between cinema and I always do what I feel is right! Bengali film industry is smaller budget wise but I kept working in that industry and I still would continue doing. For me, work has been the same at all corners. I am an actor who loves to work in multiple industries.

Quick Shot Round:

  • Love: It’s an idea
  • Your biggest regret: No regrets
  • Your favorite role: My role in the movie ‘Prague’
  • What do you do when you are Idle? I would be in a dream world and imagine things
  • If you’d to barter your career for a day, it would be with: A chef
  • If not actor, you’d have been: Some average guy
  • Good and bad about the industry: Good is that the industry is very fair. The bad is that it needs a lot of money to try out things
  • Your 3 am friend: Bobby Deol
  • Directors you’d like to work with: Mani Ratnam, Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra, Vishal Bharadwaj (again)
  • Imagine being stuck in a lift with two film personalities, whom would you like them to be? Kamal Haasan and Mani Ratnam

Sandy: What’s in the pipeline for you in the coming months?

Chandan: ‘Punishment’ is just out on MX Player. Its a journey of two people with an essence of intense emotions. I am having ‘Sanak’ with Vidyut Jammwal and it is coming from Vipul Arutlal Shah’s production house.  I am reading a few scripts and I will announce other projects when the time is right.

Sandy: Are you game for venturing down South?

Chandan: Absolutely! I would love to act in South films. I listen to a lot of Tamil music and I love them!

Sandy: Any advice that you would want to give to the newcomers entering the industry?

Chandan: Everybody wants to be an actor and they keep asking people, “kuch role hai kya”. That is a wrong example for an actor. Just like how you prepare to be a rocket scientist, acting too is a serious business. It needs preparation and patience. If you want to enter the industry, be serious about it and work on it.

Editor’s note: It was an immense pleasure blabbing with Chandan Roy Sanyal. Wishing Chandan a blockbuster year ahead, filled with meaty roles and maximum hits!

Interview by Sandy (Sandeep Rao)

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