Blab with Sandy: Hanuma Vihari

Blab With Sandy: Hanuma Vihari

Hello Folks! This edition of “Blab with Sandy” has a very special person. Hanuma Vihari, the Indian cricketer joins us for a blab. He has represented India in U-19, South Zone, Hyderabad, Rest of India, India Blues, Sunrisers Hyderabad and is representing India now. Let’s dive into the blab we had together:

Sandy: Hello Hanuma Vihari! I would like to address you as HV: High Voltage. You seem shy but definitely are a high voltage on the field.

Hanuma: Ha Ha Ha! Hello Sandy. Thank You 🙂

Sandy: HV, can you tell us about your background? When did you start playing cricket with a serious intention of making a career in it? 

Hanuma: I belong to Godavarikhani and my father used to work with Singareni Collieries. I started playing cricket at the age of 6. When I turned 9, I felt that cricket is an integral part of my life and I should try utilizing my skills. That’s when my family shifted base to Hyderabad for my growth in the field of cricket.

Sandy: Having been a part of the Sunrisers Team in the past and having played some memorable innings which are instilled in the minds of the viewers. Your experience of playing in the IPL and your most memorable moment?

Hanuma: The most memorable thing for me in IPL was the wicket of Chris Gayle. Getting his wicket was a dream come true for me. Never really thought I would be able to get a player like Chris Gayle out but that’s what happened eventually.

Sandy: What strategies went behind giving you the ball and how did you feel after scalping his wicket?

Hanuma: It was a spontaneous decision to give me the ball. Dale Steyn opened the bowling attack. Cameron White was the skipper of Sunrisers Hyderabad in that game he asked me to go ahead. I just wanted to give my best and there you go! I got the wicket of Chris Gayle 🙂

Sandy: Cricket is a competitive game. What were the struggles and difficulties you faced whilst reaching this stage of your career? Who were your support system?

Hanuma: Cannot pinpoint on one. A lot of hard work is needed to reach a certain stage in cricket but it’s all about how one looks at it. Cricket in India is a competitive place. Sometimes politics plays it’s part, sometimes the toughness of the sport brings you back to square one. All you need to do is keep calm and concentrate on your game.

There are many people to name as my support system. I lost my father at a young age. My mother supported me and is the reason for my cricketing career. I got trained at the St. John’s Coaching Academy. I would like to name my coaches, John Manoj Sir and Sridhar Sir for their valuable inputs and giving me the best training they could ever give.

Sandy: Scoring your first triple ton as a captain of Andhra team last year in the Ranji Trophy is not a simple feat. Congratulations! How do you rate this innings of yours?

Hanuma: Thank you so much Sandy! 300 is a score which not everyone can achieve. It isn’t an easy task and I feel happy that I made it to the 300 club.

I was trying to score a triple ton for 4-5 years and I could achieve it. It took me few days to sink in with the fact that I scored a triple ton. 🙂

Sandy: You were part of the India U-19 World Cup winning team of 2012 in Australia. And now, you are doing pretty well in the Australian tour. Your comments on the achievement.

Hanuma: It was a special tour for all the team members. Defeating Australia in Australia is a big achievement for us. The conditions were helpful for the Australian team but we managed to win against them. If you clearly see our scorecards of all the matches, it was a total team contribution for most of the matches. It was a team effort and we all cherish the win. Yes, its a great honor to represent the country and play well in Australia. I shall strive hard and continue to do well for India.

Quick Shot Round:

  • Favorite Batsman: Sachin Tendulkar
  • Favorite Bowler: Shane Warne
  • Whom do you fear facing in the nets/match: Dale Steyn 🙂
  • Any unforgettable tip given to you by a senior team mate: JP Duminy told me to give your 100% on the ground and contribute to your fullest ability. It may seem like a simple tip but it holds really close to me. I always think about it while I am on the field.
  • Your double ton in the Essex League or your triple ton in the Ranji Trophy: Triple Ton
  • Your close friends in cricket circle: No close friends 🙂
  • The funniest cricketer: It would be Ishan Kishan 🙂
  • If you could relate yourself as a person to any movie character, who would that be and why? It is Doctor Strange. I like to do magic on the field. 🙂
  • Apart from cricket, what do you like to indulge in? Movies! I love to watch movies during my free time.
  • Favorite Movie: Dangal

Sandy: It is a great achievement for you in reaching this level and receiving many laurels at the age of 24. Any suggestions you would like to give your juniors/ upcoming cricketers?

Hanuma: Having proper mental space is important. Be it any sport, one needs to tune his/her mind in a proper way and channelize it to one’s strengths. Most of the players have almost the same kind of skill sets but one needs to have a right mindset to grow.

Sandy: Your stint in the IPL has been short but fruitful. Could you let us know your experiences in being a part of the Sunrisers dressing room which consisted of players belonging to different countries?

Hanuma: The Sunrisers Hyderabad dressing room was fun filled with lots to learn. The team meetings are very special. Even in First Class cricket, we don’t see such team meetings happening. Lot of game talk and discussions on opponent’s game plan and strategies take place in the dressing room.

Sandy: What next for Hanuma Vihari in terms of personal and professional life?

Hanuma: Ha ha ha! Nothing much on the personal front Sandy. On the professional front, I am trying my best to play to my potential and see myself do well for India.

Putting the best of our abilities is definitely in our hands. I am giving my best and hope to continue representing our country in the International platform.

Sandy: A few words about Hyderabad Local.

Hanuma: I can see the hard work you are putting in and I am happy that something like Hyderabad Local has come up! I will be following Hyderabad Local. Thank you and Congratulations! 🙂

Editor’s note: Wishing Hanuma Vihari the best of times ahead. May he win matches for India and win hearts of the people world over!

-Interview by Sandy (Sandeep Rao)

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