Blab with Sandy: Preeti Sood

Blab With Sandy: Preeti Sood

Hello folks! In this week’s episode of #blabwithsandy, we have actress Preeti Sood with us. Preeti made her mark with Revolver Rani which featured Kangana Ranaut. She was later seen in films like Welcome 2 Karachi and Fraud Saiyaan. Her latest release ‘Aashram’ on MX Player is a superhit and her role has been appreciated. Preeti also debuted as a director with her online film ‘Antoo Ki Aamma’, which features her in the lead. ‘Antoo Ki Aamma’ is presented by singer Mika Singh. Let’s wait no further and dive into the blab I had with her:

Sandy: Hello, Preeti. How are you doing?

Preeti: Hello, Sandeep. I am good, thank you! 🙂

Sandy: Could you let us know about your background?

Preeti: I a small town girl who was born in Shimla. We are three sisters and one brother. I belong to a simple middle class business family.

Sandy: How and when did films interest you?

Preeti: I never thought I would become an actress. I was a good student and I come from a place which has no talks about films at all. The families have engineers or doctors but no one is generally related to films.

It was about destiny. After my 12th, I wanted a different career which is not in lines with a regular household. Apart from studying, most of us were also working to support our families. Once I finished my 12th, I was out of home and reached Delhi. I joined a three-month accent training course and did hotel management.

I was very shy and after working for a couple of months, I understood that I am not for a job. I am a very balanced individual and I cannot work at a place which has unbalanced people and environment. I quit my job and with the friends I made in Delhi, I got to learn about theatre from them. I got to know that one needs to spend time in Mumbai and struggle in order to get roles.

I did not want to waste my time anymore and I left to Mumbai. I did not tell my parents about it and I still do no encourage girls to go my way. I need to be honest in letting you all know that our parents need to know where we are and what we are doing. Nevertheless, it was my call at that time and I hid the fact from them. I entered the film line and worked as AD, did print advertisements, and ventured into modeling.

Sandy: Your film journey began with a crazy project ‘Revolver Rani’ starring Kangana Ranaut. Your filmography lists ‘Welcome 2 Karachi’ and ‘Fraud Saiyaan’. How do you rate your journey?

Preeti: I wouldn’t say that I am happy but I am a positive person. I feel my film journey has been decent. There are many people who don’t get chances in their lifetime and I see myself lucky than them.

I am a trained actor and I do want big banners to pick me. I also want characters with more flesh and substance. I have been working in intervals and I have been getting work, so I am satisfied but there is still lot more that I can offer.

Sandy: Your role in Prakash Jha’s ‘Aashram’ has won you rave reviews. How was the experience of working in ‘Aashram’?

Preeti: I play the role of Sanober in ‘Aashram’. It is a very bold role and I am receiving wonderful accolades for my performance. It was a great experience working under Prakash Jha’s direction along with Bobby Deol and others.

Sandy: Your film ‘Antoo Ki Aamma’ has just released and it creating wonders. What made you make this film?

Preeti: Yes, I have directed ‘Antoo Ki Aamma’ and it is presented by Mika Singh. It released last week and it has already crossed many lakhs of views and is nearing to being a big hit.

It is about a child and it has a social message. I am an animal lover and I also love kids. It’s a clean content and the subject is about road animals and kids.

Nowadays, we see families fighting over TV shows and all I wanted is to bring a healthy mawhal (ambiance) in all the homes. Mika Singh is presenting this under his channel ‘Music and Sound’. I am very happy with the responses that I am getting for this film.

Sandy: You have worked with Kangana Ranaut in ‘Revolver Rani’. What’s your take on her as an individual?

Preeti: I haven’t met Kangana since long but all I can say is, she was nice to me and I like her. Working with her has been a pleasure and I do admire her. Currently, apni duniya mein main mast hu aur woh apni duniya mein mast hain!  

Quick Shot Round:

  • Love: Can’t define in words
  • Regret: No regrets
  • Dream role: I love action oriented roles
  • Direction or Acting: Would say, mixture of both. Call me a Creator 🙂
  • Good and bad about the industry: We meet different kinds of people and it helps us grow in life. We also fulfill our life goals by playing roles which we could not become in real life. This is something good being actors as we get to play different roles. The bad thing is about the struggles in the industry until we grow big. One needs lot of patience in this shrewd industry. It can be emotionally draining
  • Most used App on your phone: Ha-ha! I am not a phone person but I tend to see WhatsApp and also those filter wale options
  • When Idle, what do you do? I don’t do anything. I love my own company!
  • Imagine being stuck in a lift with two film personalities. Who would you want those two to be? Akshay Kumar and Madhuri Dixit

Sandy: What’s in the pipeline for you in the coming months?

Preeti: The situation is bad currently due to the virus. I have the second season of Aashram coming soon. Couple of films lined up and I am also into Yoga, so few things on that front too! Currently, I am enjoying the reception I am getting for ‘Antoo Ki Aamma’.

Sandy: Any piece of advice you’d like to give to newcomers entering the industry?

Preeti: No advice! Only thing I can share is my experience. The industry is beautiful and nowadays it’s not necessary to come to Mumbai to become big. If you are talented, people will come to you no matter where you are! After the completion of education, one can concentrate on this career. There is struggle involved and we need to be determined to make it big.

Editor’s note: I felt emotionally connected to the words of Preeti. She has had her days of struggle and her hard work is now bearing fruits, slowly and steadily. Wishing Preeti a fabulous and a breezy cinematic journey ahead!

Interview by Sandy (Sandeep Rao)

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