“Actors take away writers credit and that’s a big problem”

“Actors Take Away Writers Credit And That’s A Big Problem”
In the recent press meet to announce the nominations for writing in films by the SWA, *screenwriter-director and jury member Saket Chaudhary* said, “in bollywood big stars take away the credit of the writers.  Sometimes the actors just give a couple of suggestions for the story but want to share the credit with the writer who has written the whole script. In such a case it becomes difficult for the writer to raise his voice.”
 *Veteran screenwriter and SWA President Robin Bhatt* said the writers have to learn to put their foot down and insist on demanding their credit instead of allowing their credit to be stolen.
 *Anjum Rajaballi, senior screenwriter, teacher, SWA Executive Committee member* said that this matter cannot be emphasized enough and sharing of unfair credits can have long term damaging repercussions for the writers.
A writer gets royalty on his work *till sixty years* after his death and if the credit is incorrect in the film the writer gets cheated of his credit and money.
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