Blab with Sandy: Aneesha Dama

Blab With Sandy: Aneesha Dama

Hello, folks! Hope all’s well with you. If it isn’t, then reading this interview may make things soothing for you. In this week’s #blabwithsandy, I have a special person with me. Why is she special? She is, because her debut film rocked the box office and her performance is still talked about in the film circles. Her second film was a blockbuster. Her third film too was a commercial hit. With three hits in a row, she stands in the good books of all film lovers and acting enthusiasts. She is none other than Aneesha Dama. Let’s wait no further and dive into the exciting blab I had with her:

Sandy: Hey, Aneesha! I am sure you’re doing as great as your performances.

Aneesha: Hello, Sandy. 🙂

Sandy: Could you throw some light on your background?

Aneesha: I am a Kannadiga and am from Hyderabad. I just completed my 5 years in B.Arch. My parents are doctors and they reside abroad. I joined theatre around 2 years ago and it wasn’t a conscious decision. It happened strangely and I got to join Samahaara theatre workshops and started acting in plays.

Sandy: How did acting beckon you?

Aneesha: Since I was a child I was into painting, dancing and loved listening to music but I never leaned towards acting as I come from an extremely academic family. Architecture was a field I had a great interest in but during my course, I joined a theatre workshop out of curiosity and well, the rest is history. I was happy doing graduation in the field that I am interested in. While I was studying, I also wanted to tick mark my passion of acting.

I do not regret doing my 5-year long course in Architecture but simultaneously, I realized the need to get into acting and better my craft. I believe everything happens for a reason and I trusted my energy. I plunged into theatre and it really gave me nice exposure towards the craft as well as life.

Sandy:  How did you land yourself in Geeta Govindam?

Aneesha: It was all unexpected. There was an open casting for the role of Neelu. A friend of mine called me and asked me to try for the auditions. I was suffering from bad flu and wasn’t in mood to get out of home. By then, my first play was yet to come out.

Somehow, I took a chance and went to audition at Parasuram Sir’s office. We had a conversation about the character and they took a couple of pictures of mine. After which, I did not hear from them for about a week or so. The worst part was that, I did not tell my family nor my cousins or friends about giving the audition. After a gap of two weeks, I got a message from the assistant director of the film that I was picked for the role and I had to join the shoot on the given dates. It all happened so suddenly!

Sandy: That’s an interesting scheme of things, ha-ha! Your role was largely liked by the audience as well as the critics. I must convey that, the character had bold moments with it so how comfortable were you performing?

Aneesha: The classroom scene was my first shot.  I agree that my character had a very bold yet an important scene which turns the film. We all watch movies but there is a drastic difference in watching such scenes and enacting them. I had a lot of questions in my mind, friends would see it, what would my family feel but at the same time I made myself comfortable and went ahead to work.

Parasuram sir and team gave me assurance that it would be shot in a decent manner and only 2-3 crew members would be present during that shoot. I felt comfortable doing it and being an actress, one needs to have the support system around us and I am thankful to the team as well as my parents for standing by me with my decisions.

Sandy: Working with Vijay Devarakonda and that too in your debut film is a wow factor! How was your experience working alongside him?

Aneesha: It was a wonderful experience, Sandy. I did not expect it to be like that but when I first met him, it felt like I was talking to a friend and not a star. He greeted me and we had a very friendly vibe. I was very new and did not know anyone but he was helpful enough during my scenes and made me feel comfortable.

Sandy: Talking about your role in Oh Baby! It was a stellar performance, especially the hospital scene. You seem to have picked the right ingredients to taste the success as an actress.

Aneesha: Ha-ha! The film shall always be special. Working with a senior actress like Lakshi garu was so special. My mom told me that our Ammamma (grandma) was a big fan of Lakshmi garu. My ammama is no more but I knew she would be super proud and happy if she were alive. And that’s why, this movie was very special.

Director Nandini Reddy told me about the hospital scene which is very important and I had to nail it. I was scared but I was really looking forward to that scene. I got that script just a day or two prior to the shoot. Before enacting the scene, I still remember being nervous and telling Nandini Ma’am and Lakshmi garu that I am feeling scared. I did that scene in almost 2nd or 3rd take and once it was done, Rao Ramesh garu clapped loudly, the whole crew applauded, and Nandini Ma’am gave me a tight hug. These are fond memories.

Sandy: How different is theatre from cinema?

Aneesha: There is a major difference and the important one being, there are no retakes in Theatre. We have to perform all at one go as it’s a live performance. Many workshop sessions take place and the entire process is very different from cinema. I believe, doing Theatre is tougher as so much goes into it. Theatre is closer to my heart as I stepped into it first and is extremely special to me. Movies happened later!

 Sandy: How has the reception and support been towards your career from your family?

Aneesha: I feel extremely blessed that I am able to do what I want to do in my life. My parents are doctors and the other family members are in the construction business. Everyone who is not from the industry have a perception that people in films can put one down but, after the success of Geeta Govindam, more confidence brewed in and the support increased.

In fact, I wanted to take break to focus on acting but again, architecture is something that I love and wanted to give my 100% towards it too. My dad and mom always told me to give my full in whatever I do and my friends have also been supportive.

Quick Shot Round:

  • Theatre or Films? For now, its Films
  • Morning or a Night person: I am a morning person
  • Your biggest regret: No regrets
  • Imagine you being stuck in a lift and tagged along with two film personalities. Who would you want them to be? I watched ‘Kaamyab’ and loved Sanjay Mishra’s performance. It would be him and Alia Bhatt
  • Your worst habit: I tend to procrastinate sometimes and I am working on it
  • A film you recently watched and wished to be a part of it: Paatal Lok
  • Given a chance to go on a road trip with two actors, you would pick: Hrithik Roshan and Farhan Akhtar
  • Good and Bad about the film industry: There is a lot of new talent coming up and it’s nice to see them. Bad thing is definitely the hierarchy and male superstars being given more attention than female stars
  • Aneesha- the actress or architect? Actress
  • If not into acting or architecture, you would have been into? Maybe, an Interior Designer
  • Love: It’s all about understanding

Sandy: What’s in the pipeline for you in the coming months?

Aneesha: I am doing a Telugu independent film with director Hamza Ali for the OTT platform. I am looking forward to some more exciting stories in the coming months.

Sandy: A few words about Hyderabad Local.

Aneesha: It was super fun blabbing with you, Sandy! I read the interviews and reviews and they are on point with interesting stuff pertaining to Tollywood, Bollywood, and also bit into Hollywood. Wishing you all the very best.

Editor’s note: It was bliss talking to Aneesha Dama. Over the course of our interaction, we got to know each other well and I must admit, she is definitely a talent to watch out for in the coming years. Her achievements at this age need a great applause. Wishing Aneesha a smooth and soothing cinematic journey ahead!

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