Blab with Sandy: Sumana Music

Blab With Sandy: Sumana Music

Hello People! On this episode of #blabwithsandy, artist Sumana joins me for a blab. Sumana is a singer, guitarist, songwriter and a musician. Originally hailing from Bangalore, India, Sumana is currently based at Paris, France. I got intrigued to her music which struck my heart. Let’s move on to the blab:

Sandy: Hello, Sumana. Hope you are doing as marvelous as your music. 🙂

Sumana: Hey, Sandy! Ha-ha! Thank you and hope you are good too!

Sandy: Could you tell us about your background?

Sumana: I am from Bangalore, South India. I was born in Bangalore and grew up in Sana’a, Yemen. My parents are doctors and we lived in Yemen for 10 years. When the civil war broke out in 1994,we were repatriated back to India.

I completed my schooling from Bethany School and did my B.Com studies at Christ College. Also, I did my French studies from Alliance Française.

Sandy: How did your singing career get a kick start?

Sumana: I have always been singing since my childhood. Once I started working, I somehow forgot that there was a musical bend within me. I focused more on my job and didn’t dedicate enough time to singing. After working several years in Bangalore, I came to Paris and did my MBA in Marketing from HEC Paris. Life is made of different chapters and whilst I was busy studying, I was again distant from the music scenes.

I finished my MBA and decided to stay back in Paris. I fell in love with the culture, its people and the language. I started working with an insurance company and it helped me grow and learn. One fine day, an amazing thing happened. I was walking through a metro station in Paris and I saw a musician performing there. I froze and just got glued to his music and passion. It made me realize my own love for music and I wanted to learn playing the guitar. I spoke to him and he agreed to give me guitar lessons. He became my mentor.

Sandy: Really interesting journey. You also write songs, don’t you?

Sumana: My need to express my voice came through guitar. Guitar motivated me to write songs. I can say that I am far from being the perfect guitarist and I am more of a singer. I love writing songs.

Sandy: How is it going for you currently?

Sumana: It’s been a year and a half since I quit my job. The journey is difficult but I love it. I play at the metro and sometimes I feel, why am I doing it but again, I make myself understand that I want to give myself a chance to create music and want to give time for it. I am a full time musician now, who plays in the metros, and other events in and around Paris. I am freelancing.

Quick ShotRound:

  • Love:Freedom
  • Your biggest regret: That I didn’t learn Arabic
  • Your worst habit: Procrastination
  • Good and bad about the music industry: Good is that musicians are being recognized via social media. Bad thing is that it’s still difficult for musicians to get gigs if one is not really known
  • Your most used App on phone: WhatsApp
  • Sumana, the singer or guitarist? I would say, singer and songwriter
  • Memorable feedback that you received: Met many people and have received valuable feedback. Every word is important to me
  • If you would barter your profession for a day, it would be with? Sea Shepherd. I love oceans
  • Your role model: Many people have inspired me. I would say, the Metro has influenced me a lot

Sandy: Your new track ‘Necessary’ has just released and has been receiving accolades. I personally love the song. Congratulations!

Sumana: Thank you so much, Sandy. I wrote and composed it in a few days. I never made a music video in my life but was inspired to create something during the lockdown period where all of Paris streets were empty and nature was thriving. I wanted to showcase the important of nature in our lives and how it’s a necessity.

The comments have been positive for the song. Such feedback for an independent artist gives a calm feeling inside. I should also thank my producer, who mixed and mastered ‘Necessary’ for me.

Sandy: What’s in the pipeline for you in the coming months?

Sumana: I am currently enjoying the feedback that I received for my latest song. I am also recording my first EP and I am very excited for it.

Sandy: A few words about Hyderabad Local.

Sumana: Its super diverse and you are open to a lot of things and themes. Your interviews are refreshing and its great connecting with a creative person like you. I thoroughly enjoyed my journey with you.

Editor’s note: It was a splendid experience blabbing with Sumana. She is a talent to watch out for! Wishing her a musical journey ahead filled with applauds and accolades.

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Interview transcribed by editor based on telephone conversation with artist.

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