Blab with Sandy: Chitrashi Rawat

Blab With Sandy: Chitrashi Rawat
Hello Folks! In this week’s episode of #blabwithsandy, Chitrashi Rawat joins me for a fun blab. Chitrashi made a rocking debut in ‘Chak De India!” with Shah Rukh Khan under YRF talent. Her role as Komal Chautala won hearts allover. She was later seen in films such as Luck, Fashion, etc. Let’s wait no further and dive into the blab I had with Chitrashi:
Sandy: Could you let us know about your early background? 
Chitrashi: I’m born and brought up in Dehradun, Uttrakhand. But my village is in Garhwal region where Himalayan range is the feast for your eyes. I’m a proud Pahadi.I’ve spent most of my childhood in the mountains picking fruits , climbing trees ,building mud castles with my brother.
You name any game gilli danda to kancha to pithu I have played everything. Hence, a total outdoor aficionado. I’ve also grown up reading lots of comic books , played WWF card games and Video games. Basically, I had a kickass childhood. 
Sandy: Even before turning into an actress, you were into playing hockey. You also represent your state in Hockey.  Please share some insights on your hockey career. I picked up field hockey in my school when I was in 5th standard. Started as a defender on the field but because of my speed and my coordination with the ball soon I became the striker of my school team and was also the captain.
After winning many trophies for my school I gave trial for the national team and got selected at that time I was in 7th standard. So I had a same routine for years, after my school everyday hockey practice. And when I became a part of state team I would travel a lot to different cities for tournaments , sometimes for 1 month camps so life pretty much revolved around hockey. 
Sandy: You rose to instant fame with your portrayal as Komal Chautala in Chak De India. I felt, your act glued audiences and congratulations on that front. How did you grab this offer from YRF? And, how did your life change with ‘Chak De’? 
Chitrashi: I had gone for my junior national tournament in Jabalpur, MP. And, there was Shimit Amin the director of our film was auditioning lots of girls from every team and I happened to be one of the girl and I guess they liked something in me and after few months they called me. 
I was preparing for India because that was the dream to represent your country but Chak De India changed the course of my life. I was completely unaware of this world of cinema and how impact full it can be in people’s life. The idea of creating something with thousand different possibilities is just amazing. Chak De being a blockbuster we became overnight craze. Suddenly the whole India knew us. And then it was no looking back . It was and still is the greatest thing ever. 
Sandy: Acting alongside Shah Rukh Khan on a debut is magical. How was your working experience with him? Any memories or memorable tips that you received from him, which you’d like to share?
Chitrashi: Indeed, it was magical. Words would fall short if I had to describe how it was to work with him. He taught us many things, from acting tips to life lessons but one thing he made us believe that we all are equal irrespective of if it’s your 1st film or 20th film. He has this charm of making you feel special & acknowledged which is a quality I want to embody because people never forget how you made them feel. No wonder he is loved by so many.
Sandy: After which, we saw you in Fashion, again a memorable hit. You got to play a lengthy role in ‘Luck’.  Are you satisfied with your film career? Or is there something that you still want to achieve in the coming years?
Chitrashi: Well, when you’re a part of such an creative industry you can never be satisfied,you are always looking for something new something challenging to do.
I’m still chasing that ruthless authenticity & sense of spontaneity as an actor does it happen all the time, No but it’s our job to chase after that possibility.It’s a noble pursuit.
Sandy: You are a multi-tasking individual. Be it Hockey, Acting, and also hosting shows on the television. Which of the above actually gets you going? 
Chitrashi: All of it actually. As an artist it’s in our nature to adapt to any character or environment. I personally believe I’m not limited to one thing I want to always learn & be part of new things. 
Quick Shot Round:
  • Love: Respect 
  • Director Shimit Amin: Master of detailing
  • Chitrashi – the hockey player or Chitrashi – the actress? : I am part of both & both are part of me
  • Biggest regret in life: I try not to dwell in the past
  • A habit of yours that you aren’t happy about: I’m a night owl
  • One good thing and one bad thing about the film industry:  Good thing is It teaches you a lot about life & yourself & a bad thing is sometimes it’s takes an every ounce of you
  • SRK: King of hearts
  • If not the role of Komal, which other role would you have loved to play in Chak De India? May be Bindiya Nayak
  • If you were to be stuck in a lift alongside two celebs. Who would they be and why? Priyanka Chopra and Michelle Obama. Both are strong personalities and I just love their thought process. Would love to hear them talk
  • The most used App on your phone: Instagram
  • When idle, Chitrashi indulges in? Painting, writing , reading, Netflix, planning trips.. basically I indulge in everything. I always want to learn new things, get new hobbies & keep building my curiosity about life and things
  • A film that you watched recently and felt being a part of it: Kodachrome. It moved me.
  • If not an actress/hockey player, you would have been a? Umm, probably a Spanish teacher or a photo journalist
Sandy: What’s in the pipeline for you in the coming months? 
Chitrashi: Well, before the pandemic I had finish two feature film and one short film so hopefully it should come out in coming month.
Sandy: A piece of advice that you would like to give the new entrants coming into the industry. 
Chitrashi: Be true to your craft and build endurance and thick skin. Also know the difference between your ego & dignity because chances are you’ll have rejection everyday but learn to take it as a pinch of salt. Believe in yourself even if it’s difficult. And always try to have a neutral sense of perspective it help a lot in navigating through life. 
Interview by Sandy (Sandeep Rao)
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