Blab with Sandy: Anjali Lavania

Blab With Sandy: Anjali Lavania

Hello, Folks! In this episode of #blabwithsandy, I have the gorgeous Anjali Lavania joining me. After making a mark as a supermodel for many top International and Indian designers , Anjali debuted as an actress in Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Panjaa’, and gained a huge fan following. After a stint in the movies, she embarked on a spiritual journey. What is she now upto? Let’s dive into the blab I had with her to know more:

Sandy: Hey, Anjali! Hope you are doing as good as your looks. 🙂

Anjali: Ha-ha! I am doing well, and hope all is well at your end.

Sandy: I guess so, haha! So, could you throw some light on your early background?

Anjali: My dad used to be a Naval Aviator and  My mom used to be a famous model in Kerala and Goa. They met in Goa and got married. Being in the Indian Navy, we used to move all around India.
So I was born in Mumbai, did my initial schooling at Timpany School, Vizag. After which, I again moved to Mumbai for few years.

Then later, my dad worked abroad, so I’ve also studied in an Australian School in Nauru and an American School in Kuwait and then finally I moved to USA for 6 years to pursue modelling and study acting.

Sandy: Guess what? We belong to the same school. I was part of Timpany too! Hurray 🙂

Anjali: Oh, lovely! Haha I guess We are schoolmates then! 🙂 I was in Vizag when I was a lil girl, only for 2 years –  first & second standard.

Sandy: World is a small place. So, when and how did your modeling journey begin?

Anjali: I got scouted during my college days and won all the intercollegiate college fashion shows as best female model – that’s when I got scouted to walk for the best Indian designers.

I then went to New York City and LA and walked for International designers like Gary Harvey and Ashaka Givens. When I returned, I did the Kingfisher calendar 2010/11 which was shot in Maldives and Mauritius.

I did campaigns for Pantaloons Provogue, Levi’s and even Titan with Aamir Khan. It was amazing to be featured in the top 10 list of Vogue’s super models as well as Times 50 most desirable women.

Sandy: Your claim to fame in the movies was with Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Panjaa’. How did you land yourself in Tollywood?

Anjali: I was lucky that Director Vishnuvardhan who is so talented got in touch with my manager in Mumbai. The production team had seen my pictures and called me for the audition and then I was picked for the part.

It was a really challenging role for my debut – especially the part where I get beaten brutally – I couldn’t move my neck for days after the shoot coz I had to act out being beaten brutally – you see my head had to keep swinging violently which the force being exerted is actually coming from me – what a tough action scene that was ….but I really enjoyed playing my part which actually ignites the whole twist in the  story line where Power star takes revenge for me.

Sandy: How was the experience of working with Pawan Kalyan?

Anjali: I had a great time with everyone whilst the shoot. Pawan Kalyan was so gracious and so kind – I understand why everyone calls him power star – he has that star power with a good heart.

I loved my character who was outspoken and strong – and I was so thrilled when My song ‘Veyira Veyira’ became a big hit. It was actually a very difficult shoot for that song – as I had to learn the choreography as well as the lyrics before each shot!

No advance rehearsal, can you imagine? For a newcomer  that’s terrifying but my experience in dancing helped me overcome it and I am glad the song became such a big hit .

Sandy: Why didn’t we see more of you in films after such a wonderful debut?

Anjali: I did get offers but most of them were like those over the top sexy glamorous roles and I did not want to be typecast for only such characters with no depth. You know what I mean by this right, Sandy? I was not accepting characters which only wanted to portray one side of my acting abilities.

Just because you act as a dancer in one movie and portray a sexy and outspoken side – it doesn’t mean that’s who I am in real life . There is a side to me that loves romantic movies with a powerful character arch that portrays depth.

Also, I was very inclined towards spirituality and wellness. So Post Panjaa, I drifted from films and concentrated on my next phase of life, which is holistic healing and life coaching.

I did my Neuro-Linguistic Programming course and  I also completed a course in advance Pranic healing and traveled to ashrams like Isha yoga to study kriya yoga and inner engineering.

Sandy: This sounds really interesting. Could you talk more about it?

Anjali: I was always good at listening to people’s problems and giving them guidance. I am also good at helping people understand their gifts and blocks through their birth chart.

I have always been into spirituality, and it intrigued me so much that I did years of studying and research to understand the healing properties of plant medicine and how humans have the ability to connect with their higher self and heal themselves by removing  the negativity with the help chakra healing and so on.

The mind, body, and soul just needs a holistic formula to conquer ones negativity and fears . I am in the process of writing my book that teaches this formula to people. It’s my wish to help people heal any sadness, doubt or fear – so they can truly fulfill their highest potential.

Sandy: How difficult or easy was it to shift base from acting to healing?

Anjali: Initially, it was difficult. Suddenly breaking free from the entertainment industry at the height of your career to Learn more about what your  life and your existence is really about – isn’t an easy move.

Once I understood my calling, I literally had to say no to acting and modeling offers. I was losing out on film offers and monetary benefits. People used to ask what’s wrong with me, why leave the limelight, and lose out on fame. But for me, it has never been just about making money, Sandy.

It’s all about quality of work and getting work by sticking to my values and if that’s not coming through in the right way- why should I lose my work integrity- I always believe that the universe will always find a way to help us shift towards more positive opportunities that feels more true to our hearts – all we have to do is believe in ourselves.

I believe it’s important to have the belief in oneself  to have the courage to say ‘no’ to something and find a way to say ‘yes’ for something that truly resonates within your heart.

Sandy: You have come up with your own healing site called ‘The Ascension Healer’. What’s it all about, and how can an individual attain positivity through your programs?

Anjali: ‘Ascension’ means going upwards and that’s the best way forward for any individual in his/her life. Be it relationships, health, work, or any life goal, I guide people to heal their sadness and attain their goals with a proper 10 step program.

‘The Ascension Healer’ is my way of helping people. I help them connect with their calm and loving higher self – so that instead of relying on others opinions and judgement they look within for answers direction and guidance.

By calming ones fears and negative thoughts, everybody can improve their health. It’s important to learn how to be centered – no matter what happens to you in life – coz whether good or bad situations- it’s only happening for you to become better and stronger.

You can check out to know more about what I do, how it works, and if you need guidance you can book individual sessions with me.

Sandy: This is wonderful and definitely seems a path to one’s growth. Being a healer yourself, one of the basic questions would be to eradicate or push aside negativity from within. How can one do it?

Anjali: Everyone has negatives and positives in them. The way to overcome negative energy is scientific. If you workout for thirty-minutes, the sweat and production of endorphins makes you happy and gives a high. Meditation does the same thing and so does being in nature.

When you feel low or upset -It is important for you to learn how to press the break on feeling more low by switching your focus and doing something positive.

Disengage yourself from negative thinking  by engaging in what you love, be it music, book reading, meditation, long drive, workout etc.

Quick Shot Round:

  • Love: Its is the strongest power in the universe
  • Biggest regret: No regrets! I see blessings in every situation
  • Panjaa: Amazing Adventure and a blessing
  • Your worst habit: I am like an Owl. I stay awake at nights. It does seem soothing but it is important to wake up early around 5 am. I want to sleep a little more early and wake up early
  • What’s good and what’s bad in the film industry? It is an amazing platform to meet creative minds. Great platform to spread positivity. Bad is the misuse of power and the negative attention we get. People who talk rubbish about you, or are jealous of you and some even take advantage of you. The misuse of power is bad.
  • Healing: It’s about taking steps  to raise your energy towards positivity
  • Negativity: Its allowing yourself to not find the hidden blessing – remember in every situation whether good or bad – it’s always an important lesson to help you grow
  • Movie(s) that you watched and wished you were a part of it? In Zindagi Na milegi loved Katrina’s free spirit role – In Dhoom 2 loved the female jewel thief –  and loved Alia in Dear Zindagi
  • The most used App on your phone: Hay House Radio App and Whatsapp

Sandy: Any advice that you’d like to give to the newcomers entering the industry?

Anjali: It is important to have a strong foundation by doing research and finding the right agency. You need to sign with the right kind of people or else some would take advantage of you. Don’t ever lose your integrity for a role.

Talking about the healing industry, the life coaching segment is an important field. Every healer needs to learn how to heal themselves first before considering himself/herself as a healer.. You need to learn techniques and join the right courses to give your healing career a kick-start.

Sandy: What’s in store for you in the coming months? And, any chances of seeing you back again on screens?

Anjali: I am working on my book currently, and it may release sometime next year. If I get something very interesting in the movies, I may give acting a chance once again.

Sandy: A few words about Hyderabad Local.
Anjali: You are very charming, Sandy! I like the well thought of questions. Wishing you luck. Spread the positivity.

Editor’s note: It was great interacting with Anjali. Over the course of our blab, we got to know common things about us; we got to share our professional and personal stories. During our talks, what intrigued me is Anjali’s way of thinking and her opinion towards life and wellness. In this interview itself I could feel her healing power, I am sure once you enroll for her life coaching sessions, positivity and motivation would be all around. Wishing my school mate, Anjali Lavania a soothing and a blissful journey ahead, filled with purity and positivity.

Interview by Sandy (Sandeep Rao)

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