Blab with Sandy: Anisa Butt

Blab With Sandy: Anisa Butt
Hello People! Actress and dear friend Anisa Butt joins me for a blab. We spoke about her podcast ‘Unplug with Ani’, her new segment called ‘Ignite’, her lockdown diaries, and more. Let’s dive into the chat that we had:
 Sandy: How has the lockdown been for you? Has it changed you as an individual? And, how did you keep yourself peppy amidst these testing times?
 Anisa: It has been challenging for sure, everyday has been different. I’ve actually surprised myself quite a bit. I’ve realized that I can actually cook! For one, which is great! And have found myself experimenting in the kitchen a lot more than before. I also have worked on my craft a lot, and before we could find an excuse with not having time, but it’s been wonderful to do focused work.
I’ve been doing workshops as well. I also did a psychology course which was fab, as it’s also something I love. I do miss the gym, but it’s been a nice change doing home workouts too, it just takes a bit extra motivation to do so! My podcast @unplugwithani has also kept me very busy. I think all of these things have kept me peppy. Also keeping in touch with friends and family. Having a great flat mate! I have missed family a lot, as have been away from home, so some days that can be a challenge, and there’s always this conflict of wanting to be in both places.
Sandy: Not limiting yourself to acting, you started your podcast ‘Unplug with Ani’ last year. Share some details about it. How has the progress been for your show?
 Anisa: It’s been really wonderful. I’m so glad I started. A year and a half in, I have a wonderful loyal audience who support it. A brand new season starts July 5th called “Ignite” and it’s one for the creatives.
 I have actors, directors, photographers and many other creatives on, all sharing their journey and stories. Hopefully it will provide a very real insight into their profession! Tanuj Virwani is on my first episode! Unplug is on ten platforms including Spotify, Anchor and iTunes.
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Sandy: Your show mainly focuses on the personal growth factor of a person and how one should not let bad days overpower one’s self. This clearly shows your persona, and your traits as a person who never gives up. 🙂 A few anecdotes on it.
Anisa: Ha! I would like to think so thank you. Yes I guess I feel very blessed to have a perseverance spirit. I have to thank God for that. I think it’s important to shed light on truth. The truth of people’s journeys and that involves hard times too. When you overcome obstacles and share, other people are inspired and encouraged, and the podcast allows me to do that. I have always wanted to spread hope, and I believe my greater purpose is to do this through everything I do.
 Sandy: You are soon coming up with a podcast series pertaining to the movie field in particular. What is it all about?
 Anisa: Yes, the series is focused on what being a creative involves. The “behind the scenes” if you like. You can gain a real insight into what that job requires and what challenges may come. For those looking to build a profession in any of these crafts, I believe this will be useful.
 Sandy: Who are your first set of guests? What can we expect out of this new show of yours?
 Anisa: My first guest is Tanuj Virwani, later in the series I also have known faces like Kalki Koechlin and Neeraj Udhwani, as well as British talent such as actress Ambreen Razia and writer/director R.M Moses. I also have the renowned Barry Wetcher, movie photographer based in New York.
 Sandy: You seem to be juggling between London and Mumbai, for your creative works, and that’s appreciable. How do you manage to keep up with this creative life of yours, filled with uncertainty and travel?
 Anisa: Honestly I am not sure. It’s not always easy. Both are like home to me, London of course is home, and all family are there, and that’s always going to be home for me. However Mumbai has become second home, and I feel I have a huge support system here too. Both are special to me. I feel privileged being able to swing between the two, and I hope in the future I can add the states to this list!
Sandy: What’s in the pipeline for you in the months?
Anisa: I have just completed a short film during lockdown called “The Hangout” directed by Kabeer Khurana. I also will be doing some more work in London, which I am looking forward to.
Sandy: Anything that you’d like to tell to the readers and your followers?
Anisa: Thank you for your love and support. I hope you stay safe and keep taking precautions during this time of Covid. I hope I can continue to entertain and share valuable content in the future too, and that I get to do great work in both cities, and you keep watching. Do subscribe to the podcast, and enjoy the journey of unplug, it’s a big part of what I do, and would love you to be part of the family.
Interview by Sandy (Sandeep Rao)
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