Blab with Sandy: Shweta Malpani

Blab With Sandy: Shweta Malpani
Hi Folks! In this episode of #BlabwithSandy, I have the famous celebrity stylist, Shweta Malpani with me. She has worked her way up in the industry and made a name for herself. Some of her clientele include Lakshmi Manchu, Rakul Preet, Vedika, and many more. Let’s wait no further and dive into the blab I had with her:
Sandy: Hello Hello! Is Shweta Malpani there? 🙂
Shweta: Hey, Sandy! Ha-ha! Yes, she is here.
Sandy: Could you let us all know about your early background?
Shweta: I am originally from Kolkata, but got married and settled in Hyderabad. I am a graduate in Home Science with specialization in Child Psychology. I did my PG in Public Relations, and had worked at the Oberoi Grand hotels for six months. After my marriage, I decided not to work initially. It’s a joint family and after having my kids, I wanted to focus on their upbringing.
Sandy: So, how did the celebrity stylist in Shweta erupt? Ha-ha!
Shweta: Yes! I had joined french classes and as my kids started to grow up, I did a course in Image Consulting. I am a certified Image Consultant as well. I took corporate workshops.
After three workshops, I felt I was not having fun. I gave myself some break during that time. Vishnu Manchu was a friend of mine, so I’d called Lakshmi Manchu one day and told her to call me if she has any work pertaining to movies and costumes.
After a week’s time, she got back to me, asking to join her on her new celebrity show which would have 25 guests in its season. All were theme based episodes and she was kind enough in teaching me all the way. My first set of work was for Lakshmi Manchu. My collaboration with her continued for many projects, and there has been no looking back since then!
Sandy: Wow! That’s interesting. What were the shows that you worked on?
Shweta: I did 2-3 seasons of Memu Saitham. I styled Lakshmi Manchu for her game shows, for her films,(Dongaata, Budugu, and Laxmi Bomb), and events.
But, after working in movies for a while, I understood that it was turning out to be a bit difficult for me. I am a family person and working for movies was tiresome and it has a lot of traveling involved, which wasn’t matching with my family routine.Many people did approach me but I was never interested in compromising my interests.
Sandy: Valid point. How did you continue your association with actresses with regards to their styling?
Shweta: I am glad that I continued working with the actresses for many events. I have done a lot of work in this regard. Kids turning old and being on their own made me realize that I now have time to continue my passion.
I chose not to have any assistant as I am capable of doing the work by myself, and I still work single-handed, without any help of an assistant. I like to work according to my time and do what I want to do as per my routine. I manage things all by myself and I am happy about it!
Sandy: Could you name your client list? I am sure it must be huge and containing interesting names.
Shweta: You know what, Sandy? Around two weeks back, I did a styling journal series and I was counting my client lists, ha-ha! Some of the names include Lakshmi Manchu, Rakul Preet, Samantha, Tamannaah, Rhea Chakroborty, Trisha, Mehreen Pirzada, Niharika Konidela, Shubra Aiyappa, Amala Paul, Vedika, and the list goes on.
Sandy: In your words, who is a Celebrity Stylist?
Shweta: A celebrity stylist works with actors and actresses. Stylist is the middle person between the designer and the celebrity. He/She coordinates everything, right from the hair and makeup till the end photo shoot.
The entire look is curated by a celebrity stylist, be it hair and makeup, clothing, and other accessories. I always prefer to give 2-3 choices as I firmly believe, the celebrity should be given a choice to decide and choose from, in relation with their mood too!
Sandy: Could you throw some light upon your career as an Image Consultant?
Shweta: It’s a professional field that aims to improve the image of the client personally or professionally. I do it only on a personal level currently. I help the person with personal shopping, wardrobe organizing, and everything personal related to their image. I have a client from Chennai, US, and I get to work on their image during weddings or be it their western choices.
Sandy: What is your USP? What makes you different from the other celebrity stylists?
Shweta: One of the factors is my direct personal connection. I make it a point to be there in person and see everything. Like I mentioned, I do not have any assistant and I like to go with the client personally and get things done. And, I also like to keep things simple and gel it with the mood of the celebrity.
Quick Shot Round:
  • Love: Plethora of emotions
  • Celebs who were fun to work with: Oh, ha-ha! Many but to name a few – Lakshmi Manchu (I like everything about her), Rakul Preet, Niharika, Vedika
  • A thing that you do not like in your profession: Last minute chaos
  • If not a stylist, you would have been a: Psychiatrist
  • Your biggest regret: Nothing that big!
  • A habit of yours which you are happy about: I like doing things all by myself and that keeps me active
  • Good and Bad about the industry: I have learnt a lot about myself being in this industry. Good is that I am a patient person and it made me more patient. Bad thing is, last minute cancellations
  • Shweta Malpani in one word: Simple
  • Mandatory accessories that you carry: Two rings that I’ve carried for a number of years. Thumb ring and the little finger 🙂
  • If you were to go on a road trip with two celebs, who would they be and where would you go?: I am private person, so I would go all by myself to some mountain or a scenic place

Sandy: From the time that you started to the current times, what’s the major difference you see in the industry?

Shweta Malpani with her family

Shweta: One thing that I clearly notice nowadays is, every second person is calling himself/herself a stylist with zero potential. This is sad! Another change is, a lot of International designers are being called and used for dressing the celebrities. This trend is increasing day by day.
Sandy: What’s in the upcoming calendar for you?
Shweta: Frankly, I do not know. I am just spending my time with my loved ones. The Lockdown has actually made me work on my own self.
Sandy: Any piece of advice that you’d like to give to the newbies entering the industry?
Shweta: Enter only if you are passionate. It is important to learn how to talk and deal with celebrities. Every celebrity is different and one needs to work in an atmosphere which works for both parties. Do not compare yourself with others. If someone is doing better than you, it’s obvious that they are putting in the extra effort.
Sandy: A few words about Hyderabad Local.
Shweta: It’s the best to be updated about other people’s journey. Anything local is always good, be it in any industry. All the best, Sandy. Thank you for having me on your chat show. 🙂
Editor’s note: It felt great interacting with Shweta Malpani and getting to bring out her story to everyone. Wishing her and her family, a stylized journey ahead – filled with goodness and bliss!
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