Blab with Sandy: Nikita Deshpande

Blab With Sandy: Nikita Deshpande

In this episode of #BlabwithSandy, I have Nikita Deshpande with me. Nikita is a young entrepreneur, who has followed her passion for skincare and beauty essentials and has made a great mark for herself. She is the co-founder of Ilana Organics and has also started Nika Inc., a community for beauty and skin regimes. Let’s know more about Nikita Deshpande during the course of our chat:

Sandy: Hello Nikita! Hope you are doing as beautiful as your organic skincare products. 🙂

Nikita: Hi Sandy! Ha-ha, yes absolutely.

Sandy: Please let us about your life prior to becoming an entrepreneur.

Nikita: As a kid, I was into the creative aspects of learning. My grandfather was a well known origami artist. I wanted to pursue design and art. It was either to be fashion and interior but I joined product. I am a product designer by profession.

Entrepreneurship and Stress Management were a part of my curriculum. Skin care had been a part of my life during my childhood. I just loved everything about vanity things. I wanted to pull together my liking and put it into use and covert my hobby into a profession.

My mom is very passionate about gardening and we have a nice terrace garden at home. Its all about sustainability, clean eating, green living, and clean habits. I try to bring the same pointers into my professional career as well.

Sandy: Beauty is something which comes within one’s inside. But, there are aspects which one needs to
develop from the outer, to enhance their beauty. What made you inclined towards the beauty industry?

Nikita: It never hit like some “one fine day”. It just happened without me noticing it. Literally, it happened during my college summer vacations. I got an opportunity to pursue it as a college project.
I got into chemicals and ingredients. I choose skin care. After which, I got an opportunity in a restaurant
in Pune.

I kept a stall for myself, and sold the products. I felt very excited about it, and that made me put up the whole thing in a matter of a week’s time. I made and sold around 25,000 products which were all made at home. I was scared to start my journey into the world of beauty and skin but it was an intuitive process.

Sandy: When and how did your journey start as an Entrepreneur? Few anecdotes on your establishment
‘Nika Inc.’.
Nikita: Nika Inc. venture started during this lockdown period. My journey began way before Ilana Organics started. In my 11th grade, I was selling candles and doing gifting sessions for Diwali online. I am good with numbers, and I like Mathematics. I like to sit down and look at numbers.

Nika Inc. is a personal community space to let my followers know more about the real beauty products. I feel I am different to others in the industry. Its about bursting the bubble, a platform for me to express my thoughts and also for others to know something unique and important about skincare.

Sandy: What’s Ilana Organics all about? How different is Ilana Organics from the rest of the players in the Natural and Organic beauty essentials?
Nikita: Ilana is about making a shift in peoples lifestyle. Its not just about organic items. Its about making people aware. We push consumers to know what goes inside the bottle. Natural and green beauty needs to be more than that.

We are transparent with people. Its not very easy as a brand to maintain transparency with ingredients.
We live in a world that we market in different direction. All that glitters is not true. We are setting a trend but trend is not actually set yet. Transparency is our forte. We take meticulous processing of ingredients.

The effect on one’s skin needs to be understood, and no toxic chemicals are to be present. We take care of it 100%. Funny thing is, I thought and studied about a lot of natural green brands around the world. I think only few are riding their agenda well.  Margins need to be lessened. Even we have made decisions which were not financially viable, but there needs to be transparency in the products.

Sandy: No journey is easy. Yours seems to be an inspirational journey thus far. How would you rate your career path as an entrepreneur till date?

Nikita: I have a long way to go. I am just 22 and I do not think I would want to rate my journey as yet. The experience  has been wonderful, and I am grateful for the things that I’ve learnt so far.

Sandy: Where is your manufacturing unit located? And, what all cities do you cater to? Is it totally online based or in person purchase stores are available too?
Nikita:  Our office is in Pune. We manufacture in Satara, a city that is close to Pune. We cater to all cities across India. We are a team of seven individuals, out of which 3 work remotely. I and Amit are the founders of Ilana Organics. We deliver Pan India and hopefully we would go across to other countries in the coming years.

Sandy: What’s next in the pipeline for you in the coming months? Are there any other avenues that Nikita is looking to enter into?

Nikta: As a personal journey, Nika Inc. is something that I am concentrating on and want to build its community. Our products are organic and natural in  nature. I would like to trigger my marketing campaign a little more in the coming days and make Nika Inc. a digital firm. The Western world is into beauty and skincare and I hope to bring an international community for beauty with Nika Inc.

Sandy: Would you like to state something for: 1. The people entering the beauty industry 2. About your beauty products?

Nikita: The coming up of young generation of entrepreneurs is very important in this world. One needs to be responsible and accountable. Be empathetic and also far sighted with your goals.

And, I would ask all the readers to try our products. It is definitely worth the hype. 🙂 Follow us on our social media platforms to stay informed about our products. And, thank you Sandy for featuring me on your chat show. It was fun taking to you! 🙂

Editor’s note: It was great interacting with Nikita Deshpande and knowing all about her journey of entrepreneurship. Wishing Nikita a beautiful career ahead, filled with success and goodness.

Interview by Sandy (Sandeep Rao)

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