Lockdown Series: The Soul and the Mystery

Lockdown Series: The Soul And The Mystery

During the lockdown, most of the folks have either been trying out Tik Tok, cooking, house cleaning, and many other different skills. But Yaaneea Bharadwaj seems to be going the creative way. Being an actress, she has developed a liking science fiction and Broadway stories.

After a spectacular act in Amazon Prime’s Made in Heaven, she has been waiting for right scripts coming her way, but the lockdown has put all shoots to rest. Not being dejected, Yaaneea had picked up her photography skills, pushing her creative meter with some mysterious photos.

If we look at her social media posts, they are currently filled with compliments coming in from famous film personalities and international photographers. And, what do those images contain? They feature Yaaneea herself! And, the interesting thing is, she has added her own tinge of mystery to them.

Yaaneea has given a unique touch to her photos, by experimenting with shadows, playing with the lighting, and forcing a mysterious enigma in them. She is a pure white soul but her photography adds a touch of black mystery to it. Thus, the series gets its name – The Soul and the Mystery.

Not limiting it to only Black and White, Yaaneea has also shot color photos and they equally good! If you want to see them with your eyes, wait no further and visit Yaaneea’s handle to see a unique blend of mystic creativity and love for an own self.

Check out Yaaneea and follow her @yaaneeabharadwaj






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