Akasa-The Yellow Diary’s ‘Dhoondti Firaan’

Akasa-The Yellow Diary’s ‘Dhoondti Firaan’

Looking for hope in times like these? Look no further than ‘The Yellow Diary-Akas’a collaboration, Dhoondti Firaan.

The Yellow Diary, one of India’s best-loved modern Hindi alt-rock bands has announced Dhoondti Firaan, their first-ever collaboration with pop princess, Akasa. The Akasa-led single is a fresh version of TYD’s latest hit, Rab Raakha, which received overwhelming love from all quarters.

Viewed through a different prism, Dhoondti Firaan throws light on a universal belief: that while you seek yourself, someone up above is looking after the ones you love. An apt melody in the time of a nationwide lockdown, there is a persistent need for maintaining positivity believing that a better tomorrow will come. This song fulfills that need and serves as an anthem of hope.

Akasa, fresh off Bollywood hits like Bharat’s Aithey Aa and Good Newwz’s Dil Na Jaaneya and the record-breaking (200mn+ views and counting!) pop chartbuster, Naagin is palpably excited about the collaboration. She says, “I have always been an admirer of The Yellow Diary’s songs, ‘Rab Raakha’, of course, is my favourite. I am very excited to be collaborating with such a talented band. ‘Dhoondti Firaan’ will definitely fill hearts with positivity and light, which is the need of the hour.”

A favorite on the college circuit, The Yellow Diary, recently returned from their month-long countrywide Rab Raakha Tour and have generated a fast-growing fan following since then. The Yellow Diary collectively said, “The warmth and love we have received from the audience for Rab Raakha has been astonishing. Dhoondti Firaan is an emotional rendition of Rab Raakha in the soulful voice of Akasa, marking our first-ever collaboration. We are all going through difficult times, and we hope Dhoondti Firaan, a song that represents hope, faith and positivity can add a touch of brightness in everyone’s lives.”

The single is now available across all leading streaming platforms. Hyderabad Local wishes the best to ‘The Yellow Diary’ and Akasa Singh. Dont forget to catch our interview with Akasa Singh by clicking here.


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