Blab With Sandy: Ganesh Venkatram

Blab With Sandy: Ganesh Venkatram

Hello People! In this week’s #blabwithsandy, I have actor Ganesh Venkatram with me. Ganesh has been part of almost all the South Indian languages and has won many accolades for his films. He has dabbled in modelling, commercials, and other avenues pertaining to the movie industry. Let’s wait no further and dive into the blab I had with him.

Sandy: Hello Hello! How have you been? 😊

Ganesh: Hi Sandy! All good. Hope you are doing great brother.

Sandy: Yes, indeed! Could you throw some light on your early background?

Ganesh: I belonged to a middle-class family, settled in Mumbai. I had this cosmopolitan culture in my upbringing and could speak many languages. I was a topper and completed my engineering in Electronics with distinction. I worked at Patny Computers for a year, but my heart wasn’t there!

I was very clear that a 9-6 job wasn’t for me. I took a three-month break for my MBA and prepared for Gladrags Mr. India contest. I was into fitness and volleyball. Personally, winning the 2003-2004 Gladrags Mr.India contest opened up my world.

I got to travel around the world, worked with Vikram Phadnis and it was an eye-opening experience. I came back with confidence, quit my job and got into acting workshops, modelling, and Ad films.

Sandy: Lovely! Your film ‘The Angrez’ is still remembered for its shear fun and frolic. A few anecdotes on it.

Ganesh: It was shot on a shoestring budget. It gave me good name and I was able to up my acting skills. I did television and got recognition with the serial ‘Antariskh’. For an year and a half, I was working in television and then film offers started pouring in.

Sandy: Your role in ‘Aakasamantha’ was very good and I still remember watching it in the theatre and applauding your act, haha!

Ganesh: Nice to know Sandy! I was initially rejected as I did not have beard. It was a good offer as it had Trisha opposite me. The next morning, I called up my make-up person and got the daadi-waadi done with the pagdi.

I again went to the audition and started speaking in Punjabi. They loved my look and accent and were quite impressed. Then, I removed the make-up and told them that I am the same Ganesh that they had initially rejected. I conveyed my interest in doing this film and came again for the auditions with the homework done. Dil Raju presented the movie in Telugu and it really did well at the theatres.

Sandy: You were later seen in many films opposite superstars. ‘Damarukam’ was yet another memorable role for you.

Ganesh: My work with Kamal Haasan in ‘Eenadu’ was appreciated. I worked with Mohan Lal in Malayalam. The experience was wonderful. Yes, ‘Damarukam’ was a boost for me. The film was high on graphics, and it was a wonderful transformation for me as an actor.

I did all that I could that I loved, hosted Filmfare South Scope awards, did many shows abroad, also took part in Khatron Ke Khiladi.

Sandy: Your last Tollywood release ‘Ragalla 24 Ghantallo’ was a crime thriller. How was the experience of working with director Sreenivas Reddy and the cast?

Ganesh: After a small gap, I was seen in a Telugu film. It was my second film with director Sreenivas Reddy (first being Damarukam). It was a very nice experience working with the likes of Satya Dev, Eesha Rebba, Sriram, and others. Looking forward to working for my next Telugu film soon.

Sandy: Your Bollywood debut ‘Guns of Banaras’ directed by Shekar Suri released last week and has garnered good appreciation in the Northern belt.

Ganesh: Yes Sandy! The film was delayed, but finally, it got released and is doing well in UP, MP, and the other north regions of the country. Rekha ji watched the premiere and loved my work. She was shocked to know that I was a Tamilian and we spoke in Tamil. The film has released in about 963 screens, and I am happy to see that my Bollywood debut is doing good at the box office.

The film has action by Shyam Kaushal, and it reminds one of 90s raw Bollywood movies. We have been touring for the promotional activities, and the response has been super encouraging.

Sandy: What’s next in the pipeline for you?

Ganesh: I am part of a super-natural Tamil thriller and the shoot is going on in London. I am soon going to join the team of ‘Dhaadi’, along with actor Srikanth (Sriram in Telugu). I also am venturing into the OTT platform with a web series content. There is a lot of work for me in the coming months.

Sandy: A few words about Hyderabad Local.

Ganesh: It has been a fun time with you Sandy. We have been interacting regularly, and it feels nice to know all that you do. All the best for your future brother. 😊

Editor’s note: It was splendid interacting with Ganesh Venkatram. Over the course of our blab, it feels like he is just like an elder brother. Wishing him a blockbuster year ahead at the cinemas.

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