Sanjjanaa Galrani’s Thirst For Cauvery Calling

Sanjjanaa Galrani’s Thirst For Cauvery Calling

Actress Sanjjanaa Galrani is a known face in the Indian film circuit. Apart from making her presence felt in the film industry, Sanjjanaa has been quite a phenomena in voicing out her opinion on public forums with regards to the society and nature.

She has joined Sadhguru in a quest to find the right answers for helping our country in the water crisis. Isha Foundation’s Campaign to free India of water crisis – Cauvery Calling has been a huge success and there is still a large scope to become a much bigger success.

And to make it happen, Sanjjanaa Galrani has joined the bandwagon of stars who are spreading their concern over the upcoming, rather the ongoing water crisis which is curtailing our country’s growth. Sanjjanaa urges the people to understand more about Cauvery Calling and do the needful by helping planting trees alongside the banks of Kaveri river. This, shall enable to save the ecological balance and, most importantly, save the Kaveri river.

You have loved Sanjjanaa’s work in films. Its time you show some love to her by donating a share of your hardwork towards this noble cause, for you shall only make our country smile back towards in the days to come.

Visit for knowing more about this campaign and donating all that you can for your own future.

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