Blab With Sandy: Mannara Chopra

Blab With Sandy: Mannara Chopra

Hey Peeps! What’s up? Guess who joins me in this week’s #BlabWithSandy? Its none other than the ravishing and ever energetic Mannara Chopra. After making a solid debut in Bollywood with Zid, Mannara ventured into Tollywood with films like Thikka, Jakanna, and Rogue. Her performance in the recently released Sita won good acclaim.

Let’s wait no further and dive into the blab I had with Mannara:

Sandy: Helllooooo Mannara! How have you been? 🙂

Mannara: Hey Sandy! I am doing great. How are you?

Sandy: I am smart!

Mannara: LOL! That’s a nice way to introduce oneself. I’ll remember this, ha-ha.

Sandy: J Could you throw some light on your background?

Mannara: I was born in Ambala at a military hospital. My dad is a lawyer and basically from Delhi. Right from my pre-schooling to my higher studies, I was in Delhi. I studied Fashion Designing and also did my BBA (double graduation you see).

I interned with top notch fashion houses. It was hectic as I had to work right from the mornings till late nights, and there was no activity in my life. Apart from my internship, I was attending college.

One day, mom told me to join dance classes as I was interested in it. I enrolled myself and used to dance for about 4 hours a day. Life moved the fast way and I started enjoying that phase.  My dance sir was planning to open a dance center in Mumbai and had asked me to become an assistant dance choreographer.

I had never explored Mumbai before, so I planned to try it out for a month. Once I started teaching dance, I started getting modelling offers.

Sandy: This really sounds motivating and exciting. How did you enter films?

Mannara: I got my first modelling assignment for which I earned 12k a day. I was like ‘Wow’ ha-ha-ha! All I did was pose and pose and that’s how things started coming my way. Destiny got me into modelling and films. I did about 40 commercials and that led to my presence in films. 🙂

Sandy: How has the journey been so far with regards to Tollywood?

Mannara: I had signed Thikka but it took a while for the shoot to start, during which I was offered Jakanna. I started shooting for Jakanna first and then went over to Thikka.

Later which, I got this offer to act opposite Vijay Devarakonda for his movie Dwaraka. At the same time, I got the chance to work with Puri Jagannadh in his film Rogue. Unfortunately, I had to make a tough decision between Dwaraka and Rogue. I choose to work in Puri Jagannadh’s film and missed the opportunity to work with Vijay Devarakonda.

After a few days, the producer of Dwaraka told me that if they got to know about my date clash, they wouldn’t have minded pushing my dates for Dwaraka. It was a choice that I made, and I have no regrets. I am hopeful to work with Vijay Devarakonda someday!

Sandy: Tell us something about your Bollywood debut film Zid. It was a really bold role that you played as a debutant and I must admit, it is one of the toughest roles to play for any actress. I somehow feel that it was a role which almost was on par with Urmila’s in Kaun.

Mannara: Zid released in November 2014. I had auditioned for five rounds and out of 900 people, I was selected. It was a performance driven script. I am still in touch with the production people. It was a great learning experience for me.

Yes, the role was a gritty one. Oh yes, I remember Kaun. J Urmila’s role was as challenging and difficult to portray as this one. I am happy that my debut film had me playing such a unique role.

Sandy: What’s the biggest difference that you see between Bollywood and Tollywood? And, what are the important factors for you to sign a film?

Mannara: Bollywood caters to a large audience but, at the same time, I think Tollywood shoots its film within a short span of time unlike Bollywood. Most of the Bollywood movies are being taken from the South nowadays, and I see it as a healthy competition between the two industries.

I always want to work with people who are already established in the market. Actors are never important. More than them, it’s the producers and the directors who are the key elements for me to sign a film.

Sandy: Talking about your sisters Priyanka Chopra, Parineeti Chopra and, your brother-in-law Nick Jonas. It’s a full-on film family. What are the things that you talk with them?

Mannara: Ha-ha! Yes Sandy, my family is into films. Somewhere or the other, within the family, advice comes in without asking for it. I do know that they are always there for me during good and bad.

Quick Shot Round:

  • Love: Trusting the other person
  • When Idle, what do you indulge in? Watching a lot of web series
  • If you are stuck in a lift and can tag along two people, who would they be? I think it would be some musicians. I love singing and jamming
  • Imagine being stuck in an Island for a day. What are the three things that you’d carry? Mobile, Charger and Water
  • Priyanka Chopra: Sister 🙂
  • Your biggest regret in life: No regrets. Life has been going great. I can say that I wasn’t talkative earlier but now, I am. Thus, no regrets
  • A movie that you wish to be a part of: Kabir Singh! I wish I was a part of that film. I know that it received a lot of weird comments, but it was a different and fresh story. Such a raw film. My mom and relatives loved it
  • One good thing and one bad thing about the film industry: Good thing is that a lot of work is available for everybody. People who are very serious about their career in films need to keep looking for opportunities and they shall be coming your way. Bad thing is that, people get very judgmental about others. I hope they don’t be so judgmental, and things change for the good
  • Most used App on your phone: Ha-ha! I am the Gaana girl, so yes! It’s the music app
  • If you had a chance to change something in Zid, what would it be? There should be a part two of Zid
  • What angers Mannara the most? If I am not travelling a bit too much, I get angry, ha-ha! I am used to taking flights so often now that I feel like missing something if I’m not travelling
  • 3AM friends in the industry: No one! I would say its my family and relatives

Sandy: What’s next in the pipeline for you in the coming months?

Mannara: I am a celebrity judge in a dance show called Rangastalam. Apart from shows, I am into endorsing brands. More details about my movies shall be out soon.

Sandy: A piece of advice that you’d like to give to newcomers who are entering the film industry?

Mannara: If you want to take this journey seriously, pursue it in the right way. Social media has become a great tool nowadays.

Whenever I go for a walk in my Mumbai apartment, I always see people in the vicinity making tik tok videos. I say don’t take it very seriously and go beyond the boundaries but, use social media in the best possible way and you can attain some great visibility.

Just continue working hard towards your goals, and things will fall into place sooner or later.

Sandy: A few words about Hyderabad Local.

Mannara: It was really a fun interview. You are quirky and peppy. It all went in a lighter zone. Wishing you the best things in all your future endeavors Sandy. Grow big! 🙂

Editor’s note: It was nothing less than bliss talking to Mannara Chopra about her career and other interests. Wishing Mannara a blockbuster journey ahead, filled with love and happiness!


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