Blab with Sandy: Lisa Mishra

Blab With Sandy: Lisa Mishra

Hey Folks! Guess who joins me on this week’s #BlabWithSandy? It’s the person who has an ever-soothing voice, some fantastic music skills, and to top it all, she has made a wonderful mark for herself in the recent times and who is here to stay! Its Lisa Mishra, the voice behind superhits ‘Tareefan Reprise’, ‘Right Up There’, ‘Sajna Ve’, and the much recent ‘Wakhra Swag’. Let’s dive into the blab I had with her:

Sandy: Hello Lisa! Even before I ask anything else, you have a beautiful voice!

Lisa: Ha-ha! Thank you, Sandy!

Sandy: Could you throw some light on your background?

Lisa: I have been singing all my life. I taught myself guitar and, also learnt singing all by myself. You can say, I am a self-produced artist. 🙂

I also needed to have a back-up plan in my career, which is apart from music. Thus, I completed my bachelor’s in Economics and worked for three years in a firm pertaining to Data Analysis. Until I have a firm hold of my career in music, I had to work.

I never really had any intentions though to become someone big or to get some great opportunity. I loved singing and in 2014, I made my first Hindi video with the song Kabira and it well on the YouTube platform.

Sandy: Ah! Pleasant to hear that! So, how and when did you get your first breakthrough?

Lisa: People started liking my song videos and wanted more. I started singing more songs and the following increased. Tareefan was a big hit and there was a strategy to make a reprise of it in an organic way.

There was no big label doing it and no money in the budget. It was a self-production to be done overnight. Rhea and Sonam Kapoor were to launch the song and just imagine how they reached out to me.

It was a unique way of launching an artist via Instagram through a superhit song. Qaran composed the song and my reprise version became a good hit!

Sandy: Then you followed it up with ‘Right Up There’ alongside Badshah. A few anecdotes on it.

Lisa: One month after Tareefan, Badshah’s album was to launch in another two months. It was done during last stages. He told me that he was sending me an instrumental track and I had to write something for my lines.

It mostly had an English hook. I wrote my lines in around 20 minutes. It had no Punjabi and it had to sound a little American. He loved my lines and asked for no changes at all! That’s how ‘Right Up There’ came into existence.

Sandy: Oh! This reminds me exactly of how my debut as a songwriter happened with Singer-Composer Ishq Bector, ha-ha! Great to know about your journey with Badshah. Your next number ‘Sajna Ve’ with Vishal Mishra is yet another hit for you. 🙂

Lisa: Yes! This song was written by Vishal for Veere Di Wedding. But, some commitment changes took place for the project. Once Rhea launched me, next we pulled out Sajna Ve. It’s such a beautiful song and I wasn’t sure of a duet would do justice for it.

I never wanted to replace a voice like his for anybody. However, after trials, he said a duet would be good and that’s how we collaborated for Sajna Ve.

Quick Shot Round:

  • If you had to barter your voice for a day. With whom would it be? Arijit Singh
  • Imagine being stuck in a lift and you could tag two people with you. Who would those two be? Azeem Dayani (Music Supervisor at YRF) and Arjun Kanungo
  • If you were to put your whole money to watch a performance. Whose would it be? It would be backstage with Beyonce
  • Biggest regret till date: I lived and moved across the World. I have no regrets at all
  • Love: Music
  • Favorite genre of Music: R & B
  • What makes Lisa Mishra angry? People who aren’t organized and workplace inefficiency.
  • What would you do if you find your voice gone for a day? I would get really really sad! I would travel for shows, meet my friends and gorge on some food ha-ha!
  • Given a chance to collaborate with an artist at this moment, who would it be? Arijit Singh
  • One good thing and one bad thing about the music industry: The best thing is, the industry is encouraging new talent. I can listen to new voices; young and fresh talent are being accepted. The worst is, they still don’t give enough room for women composers/ writers. It needs to recognize more of them too!

Sandy: Your first commercial debut song in a movie is ‘Wakhra Swag’ from Judgementall Hai Kya. It turned out to be a big hit, didn’t it? 🙂 How did you react to the response that it received?

Lisa: No one in my team expected this one to become such a big song! Tanishk knows me for the past one year and he’d asked me to come and try out this song. After a demo, we recorded it and it felt good.

Tanishk recognizes my voice so well that he only gives me work that fits me in totality. Its one of my favorite Punjabi song and I felt will I be able to do justice. It came out well and all loved it!

Sandy: What are the next set of songs for you?

Lisa: I have my own single which will be out soon. I want to manage my work by coming up with alternate film songs and then with Non-film songs. Apart from Bollywood, people are really loving independent music, so it’s a great amalgamation of both.

My single is completed, but we are yet to shoot the video. Waiting for the Fall season, and we shall shoot and release it in September-October. Other film stuff is also in the pipeline.

Sandy: Any advice that you’d like to give to the newcomers entering the music industry?

Lisa: Two things! One: There are no longer walls. Wherever you are, you can make a video, tape it and send it. If you are good at what you do, your music will cut through! Whatever you do, never do it with an intention of becoming somebody big or earning really big. Go with the flow.

Second: Ace the determination. Never demand that one particular thing would be the end product. Try developing your music and success shall come to you. Live in an insane dream.

Sandy: A few words about Hyderabad Local.

Lisa: I see that you interview a wide range of celebrities. Your work speaks for you. You are also into songwriting. All the best to you Sandy! Thank you for featuring me on your show. 🙂

Editor’s note: It was a pleasure blabbing with Lisa Mishra. Not only her voice, but her persona too is as beautiful as the former. Wishing Lisa, a blissful musical journey ahead!

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