Blab with Sandy: Yaaneea Bharadwaj

Blab With Sandy: Yaaneea Bharadwaj

Hey Folks! In this week’s ‘Blab with Sandy’, we have actress Yaaneea Bharadwaj with us. Yaaneea made her screen debut with Prime Original’s Made in Heaven web series. She played the role of Sukhmani Sudana in the fifth episode titled ‘A Marriage of Convenience’. Let’s wait no further and dive into the Blab that I had with her:

Sandy: Hey Yaaneea! Hope you’re doing great.

Yaaneea: Hi Sandeep! 🙂 I am doing great and you?

Sandy: I’m doing decent I guess, haha! Could you throw some information on your background?

Yaaneea: I belong to Himachal Pradesh. I was born in Palampur. I was a very studious girl and topped in physics all my life. I was hardly into watching films and was more inclined towards Nuclear and Astro physics. I love science fiction and read about it. I am a girl who is into creativity and intelligence. They both go hand in hand for me.

Sandy: How did your turn yourself into the stream of acting?

Yaaneea: I started with theatre, after which I did many workshops. I read quite a lot about acting and that’s when I came to know that acting is actually a subject.

For me, acting is a science which one needs to understand thoroughly. I started watching World cinema and that’s what made me attracted towards the field of acting.

Sandy: Interesting! How did you land yourself in Made in Heaven?

Yaaneea: I mailed my pictures to the casting team and they called me for an audition. I went to Mumbai, gave my audition and that’s how things started rolling for me.

Sandy: You played the character of Sukhmani. Could you share your journey whilst the preparations for it and the end result?

Yaaneea: Haha! I hardly had two days of time to prepare myself for the role. I play a Punjabi, so I had to work on my accent. I spoke to my Punjabi friends. I have a knack to learn things quick. Like you are from South, If I get to talk with you in Telugu, I can start talking in Telugu easily within no time.

I used this quick learning skill of mine to the fullest and went ahead shooting for my role in Made in Heaven.

Sandy: How was it working with the cast and crew of Made in Heaven?

Yaaneea: Director Prashant Nair is a perfect example of Actor’s director and apart from that, everyone on set was very cooperating and caring.

I got a chance to meet Nitya Mehra and she is the sweetest person to work with.

Excel Entertainment is continuously working with newcomers and the stars, which according to me is a brilliant move. Excel Entertainment is known to be the best production house in the country with different subjects. They value knowledge and that’s what makes me admire them.

Quick Shot Round:

  • Love: Family
  • You are stuck in a lift and can have two people tagged along. Whom would you want those two to be? Ha-ha-ha! Christopher Nolan and Meryl Streep
  • What makes Yaaneea angry? I hate liars. Even if truth is bad, being straightforward is always best
  • A habit of yours which you aren’t happy about: Overthinking
  • A film you wished to be a part of: A German film called Victoria. It’s a single continuous take film by director Sebastian Schipper
  • A film(s) which you think should have done much better than they did: Shahid, Manjhi, Love Sonia
  • One good thing and one bad thing about the film industry: The bad thing is that people are partial which they shouldn’t be! Good part is that the industry has good people too!
  • Directors that you’d like to work with: Sriram Raghavan, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Shoojit Sircar, Zoya Akhtar, Tabrez Noorani, Reema Kagti, Neeraj Pandey, and many more

Sandy: What’s in store for you in the coming months?

Yaaneea: I am working on a couple of good projects. Let’s see which one goes on floor first. 🙂

I wish to see myself acting in International projects too!  Shall let you know once things start rolling Sandy.

Sandy: A few words about Hyderabad Local.

Yaaneea: You are doing some great stuff Sandy! I have seen your works and they are fantastic. I seriously hope you get what you are aiming for and it shall happen soon. Best wishes to you!

Editor’s note: It was splendid blabbing with Yaaneea Bharadwaj. Yaaneea has got the looks, has got the intelligence and she is here to stay! Wishing her an even more splendid cinematic journey ahead of her.

Interview by Sandy (Sandeep Rao)





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