Sejal Sawant: Social Media’s Star Influencer

Sejal Sawant: Social Media’s Star Influencer

Sejal Sawant isn’t an actress, isn’t a model, but she has immense following on social media. How? The answer lies in the chat that I had with her.

Sejal belongs to Mumbai and currently is in her final year of B. Com studies. When quipped about how she chose to be an influencer, she conveyed, “I was never into modelling or acting. The day I stepped into social media, somehow people liked my photographs and instantly I got many followers. Maybe my photogenic face did the trick. Within no time, I gained immense followers and that gave me confidence that I too can become an influencer on social media.”

Apart from her studies, Sejal is a businesswoman too! She started a beauty and make up salon called Sejal Beauty Salon in Mumbai, which runs remarkably well.

She says, “I am very active on Instagram and my other social networks. I love to experiment with my looks and post about them. One fine day, when I checked my followers, it was a big count. 🙂 I got advice from my near ones to start working as an influencer and I followed the path.”

“People like my style of dressing and it gave me more confidence to actually brand products. Many brands contacted me to advertise for them and this is what I call as being an influencer. Being a model is a different aspect altogether. As an influencer, I get to actually influence my followers with a brand or anything fruitful.”

Sejal Sawant’s followers are no less than any film celebrity’s followers. She has made a mark for herself not only as an influencer, but also as a blogger. She writes posts, she poses for various brands and gets to influence others with her enigma.

On being asked about how easy or tough has the journey been for her, Sejal says “I used to buy Zara clothing as it interests me. Get my photoshoots done and post them on social media. I have received many brands to influence and I am in a happy space right now”.

“It’s not about buying expensive clothing, I also vouch for simple and affordable clothes, but I do add my own touch to make them look super stylish”.

Is she interested in acting or modelling? No!

Sejal says she never dreamt of being an actress or a model. She belongs to a strict Maharashtrian family and she faced quite a few problems whilst her start as a social media influencer.

She or her ideas weren’t treated that well, but she made it a point to follow her passion. Earlier, her family wasn’t knowing her popularity but now, they got to understand her passion for it.

Sejal Sawant is also a travel junkie. She loves photoshoots and travels to various places in India.

She has also been called by hotel companies to brand for them. Sejal takes immense pleasure in combining her passion and job in the same vertical, which not many are able to do in their lives.

She has a message for the people who are wanting to become social media icons themselves. She says, “Never ever give up what ignites you. People will comment but it is after all your life. Without hard work there is no success. Just go with your heart and see the results for yourselves”.

Editor’s note: It is indeed a happy space to see someone following their dreams and fulfilling them with grit. Wishing Sejal Sawant a glorious future ahead of her! You can follow Sejal @sejalsawant3319 on Instagram.

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