SITA: Kajal is a hit, but the film isn’t!

SITA: Kajal Is A Hit, But The Film Isn’t!

Director Teja’s SITA released this week amidst decent expectations. The film’s trailers generated good buzz and everything was at stake for Bellamk0nda Sai Sreenivas but the film did not manage to give him a much needed hit.

The film is primarily based on the character of SITA, played by Kajal Agarwal with other important roles being played by Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas and Sonu Sood. Though Kajal’s performance is being applauded, the film and Teja’s work is receiving half baked praises.

The first half has entertained while the second half totally goes in a normal format. It looks like Bellamkonda has to wait for some more time to score a hit!

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