Blab With Sandy: Ihana Dhillon

Blab With Sandy: Ihana Dhillon

Hello Folks! In this week;s #BlabWithSandy, we have actress Ihana Dhillon with us. Ihana has featured in several hit Punjabi films such as Daddy Cool Munde Fool, Tiger, etc., and had made her Bollywood debut in T-Series musical film Hate Story IV. Her latest Punjabi film Blackia released last month and turned out to be a huge hit. Let’s dive into the blab I had with Ihana:

Sandy: Hello Ihana! Congratulations on scoring a hit with Blackia.

Ihana: Hey Sandy! Thank you so much. 🙂

Sandy: Could you share some details about your background?

Ihana: I belong to Faridkot, Punjab. I moved to the US for my Hotel Management studies. I also pursued Tourism studies and whilst my stay in the US, I started modelling. I moved to India in 2012 and joined Barry John’s acting studio in Delhi.

My first Punjabi film to release was Daddy Cool Munde Fool. After which I continued modelling and shuffling between India, US and Canada. I acted in films like Tiger, Thug Life, and most of them did well at the box office.

Sandy: How has your acting journey been till date?

Ihana: It has been fine I would say! My films did well in the Punjab film industry. I made my debut in Bollywood with Hate Story IV, which was a musical hit. My Punjabi film Jee Karda could not release due to certain issues and is stuck in the cans. But, my other films have given me good name.

Sandy: Do you think Hate Story IV was the perfect debut vehicle for you?

Ihana: I never thought of entering Bollywood, as I was busy with my Punjabi films. The makers of Hate Story IV liked my work in Tiger and approached me. Director Vishal Pandya explained me the script and it was a good story.

But, I knew the film’s series and it had certain exposing scenes in it. I was initially double minded whether to do the film or not. I am an introvert and taking a quick decision on this aspect wasn’t easy for me.

However, I liked my character and went ahead. I was nervous and scared about my debut film hitting the screens. Talking about the box office performance, I always leave it to the audience. In general, the most important thing for me is my role and how the audience responds to it.

My character Reshma did win appreciation and I am happy about it. I enjoyed working with Vivan Bhatena and Karan Wahi. The cast and crew were good!

Ihana Dhillon with Dev Kharoud

Sandy: The biggest difference you see between the Hindi film industry and the Punjabi film industry is?

Ihana: It would be the budget. Punjabi films are regional while Bollywood is a national platform. The Punjabi film industry is a little male dominated, and the content scope is less because of the budget but things are changing for the good.

My latest release Blackia is based on a true story set in the 1970s. It isn’t the regular commercial Punjabi film. It has more story to it. In earlier days, makers used to take a heroine only because a film needed to have one! But now, it is changing. Sensible and content-oriented films are being made.

And, one more difference is that, heroes in Punjabi films are real life singers too. 🙂 Almost 80% of the heroes are singers.

Quick Shot Round:

  • Anything that you’d like to change about Hate Story IV: Nothing! 🙂
  • Love: Family
  • You are stuck in a lift and can have only two people tagged with you. Who would you want those two to be? Salman Khan and my cat (I am a big cat lover, haha)
  • Imagine being stuck in an Island for a day and you can carry just three things with you:.interesting. I would say my book, music, and a sanitizer
  • Punjabi film industry: Home
  • Favorite director(s): Would love to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali
  • What do you indulge in when idle? I sleep 🙂
  • Most used App on your phone: Shopping Apps, LOL
  • One good thing and one bad thing about the film industry: You get to inspire and be inspired by many people while working in films. Bad thing is, it gives no privacy once you reach stardom. If you are a very private person like me, it is very difficult
  • What angers you the most? Not being punctual. Most of them are not punctual in the Punjabi film industry, Lol!
  • Hottest actor in Bollywood: Hrithik Roshan
  • If not an actress, you would have been a? A Lawyer. But, I am glad that I did not become one, as it takes a lot to become a lawyer.

Sandy: Talking about Blackia, the film has released and is doing great at the box office. Few anecdotes on your role and the performance of the film.

Ihana: The genre of Blackia is action but as I said, it is based on true incidents which happened near Pakistan border in the 1970s. It talks about border transactions, smuggling of drugs and gold. It showcased me in a retro look.

It showed both the shades, rich and poor during those times, and how they used to dress up. Blackia has a real good message to people.

The film has entered is fourth week is going very strong. I am happy that, both my performance and the film, are being appreciated. It was a good experience working with actor Dev Kharoud in Blackia.

Sandy: What’s up for you in the coming months? And, are you willing to act down South? 🙂

Ihana: I am currently enjoying my hit space with Blackia, haha! I have signed a very good film recently, but I can only divulge more details once it is officially out. I would love to work in South film industry too!

Sandy: A few words about Hyderabad Local.

Ihana: Thank you Sandeep for making me a part of your creative journey. Enjoyed blabbing with you. Hope to collaborate soon.

Editor’s note: There is a lot more that we blabbed about and I must admit, Ihana has been very frank in voicing out her opinions. Wishing Ihana a glorious run in her cinema journey, filled with super hits all around her filmography.

Interview by Sandy (Sandeep Rao)

Coordination Crew: Simran Rajput





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