Bluff Master: One In A Million

Bluff Master: One In A Million

Not all bluffmasters are loved by the people, but I am talking about one particular Bluff Master who has done a miracle which not many have seen in their lifetime.

Director Gopi Ganesh, who worked as an AD to Puri Jagannadh, made his debut with Romeo. After a gap, he directed Bluff Master which had Satyadev playing the lead role with Nandita Swetha as the female lead.

You know what this Bluff Master did? He has created a unique online record! Bluff Master movie released online on Aditya Music YouTube channel and it has crossed one million views in just two days!

This is a remarkable achievement for a film which boosts of a stellar star cast and a gripping script. Gopi Ganesh is an individual who is very genuine in his thoughts and craftsmanship. Leather may be genuine or not but Gopi Ganesh is a genuine filmmaker.

Actor Satyadev has been growing step by step in his career and with Bluff Master, his charisma of single handedly raising the bar needs to be recognized. His performance was hugely talked about!

There is ‘Satya'(truth)  in his performance, there is ‘Satya’ in his trials, and there is ‘Satya’ in his earnest portrayal in Bluff Master. He is one of the most underrated actors of Tollywood and it’s high time that this individual gets his due for his scintillating acting.

Nandita Swetha won huge acclaim for her ghost act in ‘Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada’. Her next set of films hadn’t had her in the best of the characters but with Bluff Master, her role’s importance was nicely written by the director. Not always does an actress gives us a gritty act but Nandita Swetha’s performance can be termed as one of the best points of the film.

With so many positives in it, why didn’t the film do as well as it should have at the Box Office? Why is it that this Bluff Master won a million hearts and is still winning on YouTube?

The answers to the above can be found if you think about it. In this age of cinema, class and sensible subjects are the in-thing. As a viewer, it your duty to watch films such as Bluff Master, which will encourage filmmakers and actors to work on different cinema without any fear of failure.

All said and done, this Bluff Master is not bluffing but running away with millions of views.  Even Aditya Music has praised the director and the team for giving them a million smile hit!

Enough of reading this! Now go and watch Bluff Master on YouTube and enjoy getting bluffed by the Bluff Master himself.


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