Avengers Endgame: Read What The Audience Has To Say

Avengers Endgame: Read What The Audience Has To Say

The euphoria among the viewers regarding the much in buzz Avengers: Endgame is going crazier minute by minute. We caught up with few folks in Hyderabad and Chennai, who were lucky enough to get their tickets to this anticipated film of the Avengers series. Let’s read in to what they had to say about the movie and the main aspect which they would miss as the series comes to an exciting end:

NOTE: No spoilers at all! 🙂

Jerrin Abraham Jacob (Chennai)

“The movie was great! I enjoyed the nostalgia that it brought down. Avengers: Endgame is a joy ride.

I will certainly miss all the Avengers coming together the next time.”


Karthik Malluru (Hyderabad):

“The movie is terrific. It’s worth all the money and it definitely is a good ending for the series. Save your voices for the last 30 minutes to scream out loud! 🙂 

What I will miss the most is that, there is no post-credit scene in this film. I just hope there is another Avengers movie coming up.

I request the people not to spoil the Endgame by leaking its story and the movie. I heard that it has already been leaked online. This is not done! Let’s enjoy the movie watching experience only in theaters.”

Santosh KVLNKH (Hyderabad):

“It’s a true treat for Marvel fans. Some of the viewers may find it a little lengthy or a drag but, I loved it!

I will miss the whole experience of it from now on!”

Sunder Lal (Hyderabad):

“Avengers Endgame is the best in the genre which offers you an experience hitherto undreamed of!

What I will miss is obviously the original six, their sweet and salty friendship and above all the dynamics they had among each other.”

With a star studded star cast, the movie has earned around 186 crores gross in India which is a big feat. It has surpassed Thugs of Hindostan openings and is the second biggest opening for any film in India, first being Baahubali: The Conclusion.



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