Blab With Sandy: Divyansha Kaushik

Blab With Sandy: Divyansha Kaushik

Hey People! What’s up? In this week’s #BlabwithSandy, we have actress Divyansha Kaushik with us. She makes her Tollywood debut as a heroine with Majili along with Akkineni Naga Chaitanya and Samantha. Let’s wait no further and dive into the blab I had with Divyansha:

Sandy: Could you let us know a little about your background?

Divyansha: I’m born and brought up in Delhi. Finished my schooling in Mussoorie. I’m currently pursuing English honours from Delhi university while working towards my career in acting.

Sandy: How did you land yourself a role in Majili?

Divyansha: I’d signed up with an agency that helped me set up an audition with director Shiva sir. I had my audition, then my look test and then yes, I was finalized!

Sandy: What is your role going to be all about? What are the locations that you shot in for Majili?

Divyansha: I play Chay’s childhood love interest. My character is a North Indian girl. A navy officer’s daughter. She’s very strong headed and she will definitely stay in your hearts. The locations we shot at were Hyderabad and Vizag.

Sandy: A few anecdotes on director Shiva Nirvana.

Divyansha: Shiva sir has been so encouraging and always trying to get the best out of me. His trust in me and the liberty he gave me as an actor is the reason I’m so content with the outcome.

Sandy: Debuting as an actress in a film alongside a hit pair like Naga Chaitanya and Samantha is an exciting thing. How was your working experience with them?

Divyansha: I had such a good time working with Chay! He was always so supportive and so patient. I didn’t get to work with Sam but every time I met her, she was very encouraging. I absolutely love and respect both of them.

Quick Shot round:

  • Love: cinema
  • Your favorite actors: #chaysam
  • Tollywood: welcoming
  • Naga Chaitanya: effortless
  • If you were to be stuck in an island for a day and can carry only three things with you, what would those three be? My phone, sunscreen and maybe, an insect repellent spray? 🙂
  • What makes Divyansha angry? Lack of sleep
  • Shiva Nirvana: Genius
  • Favorite genre of movie: ANYTHING
  • You are stuck in a lift and can have two film personalities tagged along with you in it. Whom would you pick? Ranveer Singh and Shahrukh Khan ❤️
  • Majili: Milestone

Sandy: What’s in the pipeline for you in the coming months?

Divyansha: In April, I finish my Tamil movie, so May onwards I want to work on my skills. Working out, dancing and acting!

Sandy: What can the audience expect from Majili? Anything that you’d like to convey to the readers?

Divyansha: Majili is a beautiful rollercoaster of emotions. Every character is so beautifully written that it will be hard for you to pick favourites! It’s a very honest film. And, it’s bound to strike a few chords! Everyone must experience it atleast once!

Editor’s note: It was a pleasure blabbing with Divyansha Kaushik. Wishing her and the entire team of Majili, a blockbuster time at the cinemas!

Interview by Sandy (Sandeep Rao)





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