Wrong Strategy By ‘Mithai’?

Wrong Strategy By ‘Mithai’?

Priyadarshe and Rahul Ramakrishna have joined hands to act in a film called Mithai. Though the title is very interesting, the makers seem to have tried to follow the slapstick format with regards to the trailer concept.

Even in Bollywood, slapstick comedies have had some substance shown in the trailers but with Mithai, we aren’t getting any idea of what the film holds! It would have been better if the film’s trailer contained some substance about the plot to get the audience to the theatres.

Agreed that both, Priyadarshe and Rahul are doing well for themselves and have a great fan following but afterall, it’s the film which does the talking and it would have made more sense if the makers had presented a meaningful plot in the trailer of the film.

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