Blab With Sandy: Ali Asgar

Blab With Sandy: Ali Asgar

Hyderabad Local’s Sandy had a chat with Bollywood’s much in demand comedian actor Ali Asgar regarding his role in T-Series Amavas. Starring Sachiin Joshi and Nargis Fakhri in the lead roles, Amavas has Ali Asgar playing the role of a caretaker of an old mansion. Let’s read what he had to tell Sandy during his short blab:

Sandy: You are known for your comic timing in films and in your comedy shows on the small screen. How different shall your role be in Amavas?

Ali: I play a maali cum caretaker of the summer home of Sachiin Joshi. Most of the film is set in the horror tone and you will get some comic relief through my character.

Sandy: How was it shooting for Amavas in the castle at London?

Ali: We majorly shot at the Goring Castle in West London. The owner of the castle was an old lady, who was white from head to toe. Her hair was white, she used to dress up mostly in white and trust me, her appearance was also giving us chills in the castle, ha-ha!

She was very possessive about her belongings in the castle. She used to shout if any of the items were touched. But, the castle was very big, beautiful and scary too!

Sandy: Most of the movie has been shot during the nights. Any spine-chilling experiences?

Ali: Yes indeed! We were shooting at a pathway just outside the castle. I was inside a room and once the director shouted silence, the whole crew turned silent and the shoot was on! The amount of silence, the air blowing around, the curtains moving, and the candle lights, all of this was spine-chilling. J

And you know what? The castle was a haunted one in real. Sachiin Joshi knew it but he did not tell the cast until we almost completed the shoot.

Sandy: Anything that you would like to state to the viewers?

Ali: Do go and watch Amavas at your nearest cinemas. It shall prove to be worth your time.

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