Blab With Sandy: Sachiin Joshi

Blab With Sandy: Sachiin Joshi

Hello Folks! In this week’s #BlabWithSandy, we have actor/businessman/producer Sachiin Joshi with us. Sachiin Joshi had debuted in Tollywood with Mounamelanoyi and in Bollywood with Aazaan. He has acted and produced many films and has created a base of his own!

His current release Amavas starring himself and Nargis Fakhri has hit the screens last Friday. Let’s wait no further and dive into the blab I had with him:

Sandy: Hello Sachiin ji. How are you doing? 

Sachiin: I am doing good Sandeep!

Sandy: How and when did films interest you? Mounamelanoyi became a cult film, thanks to its scintillating music and unique love story. Tollywood film lovers still remember you for that film. Few anecdotes on it.

Sachiin: I completed my MBA and was inclined towards many verticals. Acting was one of them. Mounamelanoyi remains special as it’s my debut film. It did well at the Box Office.

I still remember sitting in the music sessions with Ramana Gogula garu in Bangalore. We shot most of the film in Vizag and it is indeed a special film for me!

Sandy: After a few films down South, you entered Bollywood with Aazaan, which was a classy high-octane action film. You did win some rave reviews for your action sequences. Do you think the film was a little ahead of its time? 

Sachiin: Yes! 🙂 It was way ahead of time. The audience couldn’t really connect with the villain in the film, which was the Ebola virus. The action sequences were appreciated. If Aazaan released in today’s time, I am sure it would have done a great job.

Sandy: You are so versatile that, apart from films, you have indulged in varied verticals such as sports, fitness, media, beverages, fitness, NGOs and much more and it is evident by looking at Viking Ventures. What drives you to focus on multiple things at the same time?

Sachiin: We have just one life and I feel we need to achieve things as quickly as possible. Time is important, and I have my own strict schedules. I do have people working for me in all the cities to manage my various business verticals.

A normal individual would tend to sleep for 8 hours while I cut short my sleep time as well. I sleep for about 5 hours. I love doing things and being active. The energy within me gives the power to manage all the things that I love to do!

Sandy: You are the co-owner cum player of the Telugu Warriors celebrity cricket team. We have seen some brilliant performances from you on the field. Though CCL started just a few years ago, I still remember watching you and other Tollywood celebrities playing Cine Stars matches at LB Stadium during 2002-2003. Your straight down the ground sixer is still imbibed in my head, ha-ha! How important is cricket for you?

Sachiin: Cricket is something that I love, and I had started playing the game when I was 12 years old. When I turned 15, I was close to play the Ranji for Gujarat. I had met with an accident and it dislocated my shoulder. I had to stop playing cricket and needed ample amount of rest.

Once I turned 22, I again felt the urge to play cricket and as you said, cinema and cricket came together for me. I am continuing to do cinema and play cricket via CCL and it’s a great platform.

Quick Shot Round:

  • Sunny Leone: Hot
  • Tollywood: Home
  • One good thing and one bad thing about the film industry: It’s ruthless when you are down and it’s a happy place when things are going your way!
  • If not an actor/ businessman, Sachiin would have been a? Cricketer
  • A habit of yours which you aren’t happy about: Trusting People
  • You are stuck in an island for two days and can carry only three things with you. What would those be? Cell phone with network, water and my Play Station
  • A film that you regret doing: None
  • Sachiin is superstitious about: Time
  • If a book was to be published on your life, what would you name it? The Twisted Me
  • If you were to be a color, what would you choose and why? 🙂 Red! It shows my true aggression which not many of them know about.
  • Your diet includes: 70% Protein and 30% of everything else
  • From Mounamelanoyi in 2002 to Amavas in 2019, the biggest difference you see in yourself is: Tremendous difference. Have studied how to act and have redefined myself
  • What makes Sachiin angry? Hypocrisy

Sandy: One thing that I have noticed since long is that all your films (be it Tollywood or Bollywood) have always had super hit music in them. You go in-depth with regards to music in your films or would you’d rather say it’s plain luck? 🙂

Sachiin: I have a natural flair for music. It is within me and I do take music as an important aspect for a film. Be it the gym or in normal life, music has the feel which uplifts me.

Sandy: Your new product Kings Beer has entered the Hyderabad market recently. How do you think is your Viking Beverages doing in this part of the world? Any prospects of the product being available in the regions of Andhra?

Sachiin Joshi with his wife Urvashi Sharma Joshi

Sachiin: It is doing very well. And yes, we are starting our unit in Kakinada for the Andhra Pradesh segment. It is going to be functional soon!

Sandy: Your film Amavas has hit the screens and it is receiving good feedback from the audience. How are you feeling about it?

Sachiin: Horror films may look cliché but with Amavas, we tried to break the myth about horror stories that they carry no story but only horror elements. Amavas has a good storyline filled with thrilling moments. Happy that the audience is liking the film.

Sandy: How was it working alongside Nargis Fakhri?

Sachiin: It was great working with Nargis. We had a good time shooting for the film.

Sandy: Anything that you would like to convey to the audience?

Sachiin: For the Tollywood audience, I would like to state that they accepted me right from my first film. They did not treat me like an outsider and have showered their support which is a great thing!

Amavas has released in both, Hindi and Telugu languages. Do watch the film and get to witness some spine-chilling moments at the theatres!

Editor’s note: I have always admired the way Sachiin Joshi has conducted himself! I have been his avid follower. Wishing him a glorious journey ahead! 🙂

Interview by Sandy (Sandeep Rao)


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