Blab With Sandy: Aditi Govitrikar

Blab With Sandy: Aditi Govitrikar

Hey Folks! Hope you all are doing as good as the early morning sunshine. 🙂 In this week’s #BlabWithSandy, we have model/ actress Aditi Govtirikar with us. She is now a psychologist, motivational speaker, Vegan follower and is into yoga/ fitness. Let’s dive into the blab I had with Dr. Aditi Govitrikar:

Sandy: Hello Aditi ji! Hope you doing good. 🙂

Aditi: Hi, I’m doing very well. Thank you. How are you?

Sandy: Good too, thanks! It’s been a long time seeing you onscreen. 🙂 Even before we move to other questions, could you let us know about your background?

Aditi: Okay, I think I’ll start with the most recent. I’m a certified counselor and I currently hold a degree in Positive Psychology from Harvard. In fact, I have another degree going on in the pipeline from the esteemed university as well.

Apart from that I’m an MBBS doctor, an actor and a model. I believe that learning is lifelong and I take it as my own personal mantra to keep upgrading myself. It’s vital to keep my grey cells alive & kicking and it helps me keep in-step with the world around.

Sandy: You started your career as a model and won the prestigious Gladrags event. Another interesting aspect is that you are the only Indian to have won the Mrs.World title. How did it all start for you? 🙂

Aditi: All I can say is that it was in my destiny. While I was pursuing my medical degree, I never dreamt in my wildest dreams I’d get into what I am doing today and that I would enjoy it as much as I do.

It started with a split second decision to do an impromptu amateur photo shoot with a friend and the rest as they say is history.

As far as being the only Indian to have won the global Mrs. World title, I believe I must say this – Ladies! Give the world a shot. You know you’re worth it! 🙂

Sandy: You made your Telugu debut with Pawan Kalyan’s Thammudu. It’s a cult hit and people remember you for your performance in the film and especially your song Ae Pilla Ni Peru Lovely!

How was it working alongside Pawan Kalyan who now has grown by leaps and bounds, be it in films or in his political journey. 🙂 Some anecdotes on your experience whilst working for the film.

Aditi Govitrikar with Pawan Kalyan

Aditi: Thank you. To summarize the whole experience, it was exciting. It was a new world, so naturally getting into a character, filming, trying to understand and speak a whole new language, having a blast with the entire crew, memorizing dance routines – just thinking about it, it still feels so unreal.

Pawan Kalyan was the best co-star then, and if I may say still, is and will be the best co-star to work with. I really enjoyed working with him. I remember we were in Switzerland to shoot for the song and it was freezing. He had to wear a lungi and I had to wear shorts. He made sure I was taken care of, after every shot. He made sure I was ready and warm enough to shoot for the next shot. He was very caring and a thorough gentleman.

Sandy: You played a vital role in getting PETA to India. What’s your take on the current situation regarding the treatement showcased towards animals? How important is it to be a vegan?

Aditi: A lot of people are shifting to a vegan or vegetarian way of life, which I’m really happy for because it has been proven, vegans are less prone to obesity, cancers, diabetes, stroke and many types of heart diseases – some risks which we Indians are increasing facing today.

As for the treatment of animals, from what I keep reading in the paper or on the web, the condition or treatment of animals is far from getting any better, but shedding light on PeTA’s overall motto – ‘Animals are not ours to eat’, I request all the readers to please treat every life with love & respect. Be mindful and follow your heart.

Sandy: You are a Medical Doctor and a Psychologist. You campaign a lot for mental peace and health. How close is medicine to you? Do you think there is anything else that is the need of the hour with regards to maintaining mental health allover?

Aditi: The profession has never left me and I won’t let go of it myself. Medicine had always been my dream career to pursue and even today, the dream hasn’t changed much. Medicine and Psychology are interrelated. A healthy mind in a healthy body is very important to live your life the way it is meant to- happily, exploring your full potential.

I still do consultations and workshops. The need of the hour for maintaining mental health and wellbeing, for me, is looking deeply into the 8 Pillars of Wellness that directly define our overall Happiness and Health quotient.

They are Social, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, Financial, Environmental, Physical & Nutritional Wellbeing. Like focusing a little on these 8 aspects everyday can help us balance our life and live fully, enjoying every moment.

Quick Shot Round:

  • Bollywood: Right now? Marriages and babies! 🙂
  • Yoga: A union of soul and body
  • Aditi the actress or Aditi the model: Aditi the wellbeing & mental health campaigner! 🙂
  • Love: My kids, my job & travelling.
  • Your favorite role till date: It’s a tie between Lovely (Thammadu) & Pammi Chadda (De Dana Dan)
  • Being a psychologist is: Rewarding. I see and consult a lot of people on an everyday basis and to know I help them understand the how’s and why’s that trouble them and help them get over deep rooted issues from the past and present really fills me with life.
  • You are stuck in an island and can have only three things with you. What would those three be? Books, a sleeping bag, solar torch.
  • A film you regret doing: Everything mistake teaches us to make better decisions in the future.
  • Bigg Boss show: Entertainment x3!
  • What makes Aditi Govitrikar angry? I don’t get angry much at all, but I guess I could say I lose my temper when people lie.
  • Your diet includes: Lots of greens, a handful of dry fruits every day, and home-cooked food.
  • Veganism: Future way of life
  • Hyderabad: Want to be back to act in another film. And Pearls and Pochampally Sarees!
  • Favorite movies: Ghost , The great beauty (Italian), love the masala Bollywood and Tollywood films
  • When idle, Aditi indulges in: Reading

Sandy: You are also known for promoting Yoga for a healthy lifestyle. According to you, what are the key benefits for a human to pursue Yoga? Why is it an essential part of one’s daily life?

Aditi: Even on Social Media, I keep reinstating the benefits of Meditation and Yoga and how they help us thrive in life. Everyone is so stressed today, and if we don’t want to get burnt out and fall out of the game, it’s a must to practice both.

Yoga increases flexibility in the mind as well as body which leads to mental peace and improved blood flow. It helps calm us down, tones our muscles, helps us find our balance and aids with weight loss.

It’s an all-round activity for optimum functioning and vitality. I think, for those who don’t find the time to go to gyms or take part in a lot of physical activity, this is the best alternative.

Sandy: Coming back to acting, what are the kind of roles that interest you? What’s in the pipeline for you in the coming months? And, you are game to come back to Tollywood? 🙂

Aditi: When it comes to acting, my lookout is always on challenging roles. A role that adds value to the script and makes sense, has something to offer to the world, or a character that has a huge impact on the audience.

Like it’ll make someone want to go back and think, self-reflect, I love such roles. When artists get to be on camera, a lot of people follow them quite closely. So, influencing them in the right way and to make better, right choices in life is important.

As for being game for Tollywood, I would love to, I’d be more than happy to. I wouldn’t even mind other regional languages. 🙂 As for what’s upcoming, I am doing a Marathi film and regularly shoot for Trailblazers, a talk show on Zee business, in addition, I’m planning on doing short self-help videos on health, wellness and the most common medical issues/conditions people are fighting today. I really intend to raise India’s happiness and health quotient. Wish me luck!

Sandy: Is there anything that you would like to convey to your followers and the readers? 

Aditi: Find and follow your passion, no matter what. Struggles are a part of life, but if you really and truly want something, life will find a way to make it happen.

And lastly, enjoy the journey. Plan the end goal and let go, don’t focus or obsess over it. Focus on the journey and enjoy every moment. You will steadily reach your goal.

Sandy: A few words about Hyderabad Local.

Aditi: It’s a great platform to get all the city news, lifestyle, art, upcoming movies, innovative startups and sports happenings together all at one go. It’s a great concept and I wish Hyderabad Local and you all the very best for the future. 🙂

Editor’s note: I still remember watching Aditi Govitrikar for the first time in her debut Telugu film Thammudu. Her name in the film was Lovely and I must say, blabbing with her is even more lovely and so is she! Wishing Dr. Aditi Govitrikar a lovely season ahead! 🙂

Interview by Sandy (Sandeep Rao)

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