A Few Things About Ganesh Nallari

A Few Things About Ganesh Nallari

Sometimes in life, we tend to meet people who are good in certain field of skill. Sometimes, we also get to meet people who are good at multiple things. But, it isn’t always that we find people who are good at multiple things and at the same time, reinvent themselves with each iota of their existence.

I got to find, meet and interact with such an individual and it’s none other than Ganesh Nallari. 🙂

We can add a prefix “Dr.” to the name as he is board certified dentist. He is a class apart dancer, trained in classical, he is an actor who believes in exhibiting creativity through various forms, he is a filmmaker who sets to makes films based on real life experiences which need a right mind and a light soul to understand.

He is a painter who sets apart his life with vibrant colors, he is a motivational speaker who speaks his mind whose words shall strike your heart! Last but not the least, he is a well renowned celebrity couturier.

Let’s dive into the blab I had with GN (That’s how I have address Ganesh Nallari):

Sandy: Hello GN! Hope the colors are sparkling around. 🙂

GN: Hey Sandy! Yes, much brighter than you think. 🙂

Sandy: Woah, okay I get it, ha-ha! So, I did learn about you and I must say, your experience is as vast as XXL, your exposure to multiple verticals is as big as XXL and I had to jot down my questions to the size of M. 🙂 It wasn’t easy!!!

GN: Ha-ha!

Sandy: Yup! So, could you throw some light upon your background?

GN: I did my schooling from DAV Safilguda. I was always into drawing/painting and artistic works. I had friends but while most of them used to spend time on the play field, I used to sit alone and work on my art. I did my dentistry studies and got certified too! But my love for art and designing paved way for other indulgences.

I did my PG Diploma in Textile Design and Development from NIFT, and my Master of Arts in Fashion Design from Domus Academy, Milan.

Dancing, painting and artistic sojourns were always a part of my body. My inclination towards art has been huge and I always wanted to pursue my career in this field and I accomplished it!

Sandy: Wonderful! You were also awarded a Gold medal for academic excellence with community service from none other than our late President of India, Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam in 2005. You achieved laurels right from your young age.

GN: Thank you so much Sandy!

Ganesh Nallari with Taapsee

Sandy: Coming to films. You have designed for the likes of Lakshmi Manchu, Taapsee Pannu, and other actresses. How did it start for you?

GN: Well, my first film as a fashion designer was Jhummandi Nadam for Taapsee. It was great working with her, as I also did her styling in Mr. Perfect. Jhummandi Nadam was her first film and the styling had me to work on her character, looks and match them in accordance to the sensibility.

In Mr. Perfect, her role was much like an NRI coming to India. I wanted to make it look real yet add a tinge of difference and it was much appreciated.

Lakshmi Manchu has been a dear friend. I have styled her for Prematho Mee Lakshmi, Gundello Godari Uu Kodathara Ulliki Padathara and other ventures. She is a style icon and it feels wow whenever I get to design her clothes. She is one of the very few individuals who can carry almost any look.

Apart from her, I worked with Manchu Manoj, Sonu Sood, Balakrishna, PV Sindhu and others.Sandy: Wow! Why is it that we don’t see you styling more often for films? 🙂

GN: (Smiles) I have worked for a few films and I must admit, not always is it easy to work with certain individuals. You know what Sandy? Sometimes, not all get what you say! I belong to the fashion and couture industry; thus, I know how the things should proceed but I got to work with few people who didn’t have any knowledge pertaining to this field yet, they were hell bent on looping their ‘designing’ ideas to me for films.

I felt having my own brand and working for clients shall hold a higher place and that’s why I reduced my inclination towards films.

I do design for theater acts, dance programs, etc. I am not moving away from films, ha-ha but the other avenues are keeping me occupied.

Sandy: You started your own couture studio Chic Pea and your fashion clothing brand ‘Ganesh Nallari’. Few anecdotes on it.

GN: I started the Chic Pea Studios Pvt. Ltd in 2008 and my clothing brand ‘Ganesh Nallari’ is synonymous with high-quality apparel. I specialize in wedding collection for women and men. I also cater to an exclusive segment of kids wear.

I try to adapt Indian classical art form into my urban clothing designs. It’s an interesting mix of art and clothing. I imbibe traditionalism and urban prints with my own tinge of authenticity. 🙂

Sandy: Nice to know! Mixing art with clothing is a new thing and I guess people should throng your studio to know more. 🙂 You are an interesting individual who is making the clothing look super interesting.

GN: 🙂

Clothing by Ganesh Nallari

Sandy: Talking about an important aspect of homosexuality and child abuse. We did see you on a national platform ‘Satyameva Jayate’ with Aamir Khan. We did see you make a short documentary film unSPOKEN which won many hearts, we did see you giving TEDx talks.

But, we wouldn’t really get to see and understand your experiences of going through what all you went through right? So, how do you tend to look at it?

GN: Sandy, I have always spoken my heart out and that’s what prompted me to make the documentary unSPOKEN. Child abuse cases are a lot but not many come out. One needs to know what is a good touch and how different it is from a bad touch.

I went through it and it isn’t a place to be! I am glad that my documentary earned sense and respect. Homosexuality is another aspect which needs more acceptance. Yes, things have changed, and people are getting the gist but it’s not always about the gist. You need to know the entire chapters of the book.

Sandy: True! With the Supreme Court of India decriminalizing Section 377, your thoughts on it?

GN: Happy that Homosexuality gets legal approval and recognition. Sexual orientation is natural and one doesn’t have a control on it. I shall be happier to see the thought’s acceptance spreading to a larger group.

Sandy: It will for sure, hopefully! Anything that you’d like to convey to the readers?

GN: Just spread your creative wings and fly high! Be open and be daring because life gives you open skies to daring fly. All the best to each one of you.

(After which, I got to see his studio, his works and guess what? We spoke about his camaraderie with Lakshmi Manchu, his panache for creative beings. GN took interest in my creative activities and gave some wonderful feedback. Unfortunately for me and always fortunate as he gets, a client meeting cropped up in between, and we had to cut short our blab session. Until we meet next, this is it for now!)

Only thing I’d like to state is, not all can be as big hearted as GN and not all can cater to so many verticals as GN. In case you do, please keep going on, for your journey has no limit. 🙂

Editor’s note: Wishing Ganesh Nallari the best of times ahead! He has seen ups and lows which have no scale. I hope he scales even higher for all of us to take inspiration from!

Interview by Sandy (Sandeep Rao)

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