Blab With Sandy: Aditya Sarpotdar

Blab With Sandy: Aditya Sarpotdar

Hello Folks! We have director Aditya Sarpotdar with us on #BlabWithSandy this week. Aditya has directed films like Uladhaal, Classmates and last year’s blockbuster Marathi hit Faster Fene.

He is now back with the power packed film Mauli which has Riteish Deshmukh and Saiyami Kher in the lead. Aditya Sarpotdar’s Mauli is produced by Riteish and Genelia Deshmukh under the banner Mumbai Film Company. Let’s wait no further and dive into the exciting blab we had:

Sandy: Hello Aditya ji! 🙂 Hope you and Mauli, both are doing kick-ass out there!

Aditya: Hey Sandeep! Yes definitely, haha!

Sandy: Could you let us know about your background?

Aditya: Cinema has always been our family business. Mine is the fourth generation to continue working in films for my family. My great grandfather had started the Prabhat Talkies and the Aryan Film Company in 1927. He made silent films.

My grandfather was a film distributor in Maharashtra. My father was a distributor too, thus films have always been a part of my life.

Sandy: How did it start for you with regards to films?

Aditya: I had worked in ETV, Hyderabad for the Marathi television segment. I used to stay at Banjara Hills while my office was at Ramoji Film City. I had assisted director Abhinay Deo (Delhi Belly, Game) and then debuted as a director with the film Uladhaal in 2008.

Sandy: With Uladhaal in 2008, in between, you made several films and now in 2018, you are coming up with Mauli. What is the biggest difference you see in Marathi Cinema from the time you started and now?

Aditya: The difference is huge. The 70s and 80s had Marathi cinema doing well but during the 90s, it saw a huge downfall. It was all about Bollywood and Marathi films slowed down. Not many youngsters were part of Marathi cinema and the openings were bleak. A film called Shwaas in 2004 did very well and it was kind of a new start for Marathi cinema.

And cut to 2018! 🙂 There is a huge content space in Marathi film industry. The audience has increased, and newness is being welcomed. Digitization has paved the way for using social media as a tool. The turnaround has risen many folds and it’s all happening positive.

Sandy: Indeed! Lovely to know. 🙂 Your directorial Faster Fene was a solid hit last year and it did cultivate you into the big league. Few words on the film.

Aditya: I belong to the 80s, thus I was inclined towards books. I loved reading books based on adventure and always to tell such a story. After I made this film called Classmates, I conveyed the adventure story idea to Riteish Deshmukh and he liked it.

We took the rights of one book and made it into a film and it turned out to be the blockbuster hit Faster Fene. 🙂

Sandy: Your association with Riteish and Genelia seems to be going super hit haan. 🙂 How is it working with such cinema loving people?

Aditya: GREAT! It’s always fun to have people around us who are always on the same page with same intent, taste and passion. They respect the cinematic modules and agreed to move forward in accordance.

Riteish if convinced, goes all out to make it happen. He trusts the discussions and has a great cinema mind. Similarly, Genelia has been kind and is wonderful to work with! Both are fun loving people with great love towards cinema. 🙂

Quick Shot Round:

  • Action or Comedy: Action
  • Favorite actor: Tom Hanks
  • Riteish as an actor or producer: Producer is inclusive of everything so I would say Producer 🙂
  • A film which you watched recently and loved it: Tumbbad and 2.0
  • A habit of yours which you aren’t happy about: Nothing but to tell you something, I don’t read a lot nowadays. I am not happy that I am not able to read much off-late
  • Biggest regret in life: None! Ha-ha, I can also say there would be small but many multiple regrets but none as a whole
  • Good thing and bad thing industry: Good is that I can see great new talent coming up in Marathi Cinema. Bad thing is that there is no great production sense in the industry
  • If you were stuck in a lift and can have only two people accompanying you, who would those be: Riteish and Amey Wagh (Lead of Faster Fene)
  • Apart from films, what does Aditya indulge in: I love travelling. It must be travelling 🙂
  • Toughest thing being a director: ha-ha! Keeping the team together
  • Things you carry on the sets: My phone. I use technology to the maximum and you can find all kind of apps, scripts, my writings on my phone. I carry my phone to the sets as a compulsion and ofcourse, my sensibilities 🙂
  • Hyderabad: Ramoji Film City and Birla Mandir. I used to find the Birla temple very peaceful

Sandy: Your upcoming film Mauli is creating ripples with its trailers and songs turning out to be smash hits. Mauli is slated to hit the screens next week (14th December). What can the audience expect from the film?

Aditya: It is a step ahead from Lai Bhaari. The story, action and entertainment shall be worth your money. The character of Mauli is a local Maharashtrian who fights for society with a certain kind of a swag and charisma.

It shows Mauli’s brash nature but in a good sense. Youngsters shall connect with it totally and the film’s energy shall entice the other age groups. I am expecting it to do well at the small centers while I am hopeful the audience at the big centers shall embrace it too! 🙂

Sandy: You could have named the film as Lai Bhaari 2 but you named it Mauli. 🙂 Why so?

Aditya: Ha-ha! We did think about it too, but you know what? We aren’t taking Lai Bhaari’s story ahead. We are instead taking the character of Mauli ahead, so I felt Mauli would be an apt title for this flick. 🙂

Sandy: What’s next for you in the coming months?

Aditya: As a long-term plan, I have thoughts on making the next installment of Faster Fene. I am also working on something pertaining to web content.

Sandy: A few words about Hyderabad Local.

Aditya: 🙂 Great going Sandeep. Wishing you more success in all the creative things that you do!

Editor’s note: It was fabulous blabbing with Aditya Sarpotdar. He is as fast as Faster Fene and his ideas are as powerful and peppy as Mauli. Wishing him and the entire team a grand success at the box office for Mauli.

Request the readers to throng the theaters on 14th December to feast some high voltage entertainment! 🙂

Interview by Sandy (Sandeep Rao)

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