Priya Vadlamani: The December Girl

Priya Vadlamani: The December Girl

Actress Priya Vadlamani made her Tollywood debut as a lead actress in Premaku Raincheck which was directed by Akella Peri Srinivas. Priya’s performance was well noticed and as the verdict would have it, she is here to stay!

Priya Vadlamani will be seen in two films that are poised to release back-to-back. One of them is Shubhalekha+lu which will hit the screens on 7th December. It has Priya playing the lead role along with Sreenivasa Sayee and Diksha Sharma Raina.

Her second release will be Hushaaru, which will follow suit on 14th December. This films stars fresh new faces and is having a crazy buzz around it. Both the movies have Priya playing young and bold characters. The trailers and songs of both the movies are out and the reception has been cordial.

While Shubhaleka+lu is giving a family feel amidst some matured decision making on the aspect of love, Hushaaru seems to give a peppy and naughty vibe.

It isn’t always that an actress gets to see a multi-release happening back-to-back. It was only last year that had actress Pragya Jaiswal see two releases happening one after another (Nakshatram and Jaya Janaki Nayaka) and this December, Priya gets to enjoy the spread. Initially, both her films were scheduled to release on the same day but they both get a breather of a week.

The month of December seems to be in love with Priya as it’s presenting her with two films. Priya’s love for cinema seems to be strong as her choice of roles and passion for acting is hitting the right notes. Will you shower some love on her and her films? We will get to know that in the coming days! 🙂

Editor’s note: Wishing Priya Vadlamani a successful 2nd and 3rd lap at the box office!


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