Blab With Sandy: Sudhanshu Pandey

Blab With Sandy: Sudhanshu Pandey

Hello Folks! In this week’s Blab with Sandy interview section we have actor, singer and model Sudhanshu Pandey with us. Sudhanshu has worked in many serials, movies, modelled for brands, and was also part of a singing group called Band of Boys. He will soon be seen in Rajnikanth-Akshay Kumar’s 2.0. Let’s dive into the blab I had with him:

Sandy: Hello Sudhanshu ji! What’s up?

Sudanshu: Hey Sandy! I am great and hope it’s the same with you. 🙂

Sandy: Could you tell us about your background?

Sudhanshu: I belong to Nainital, Uttarakhand. I was a small-town boy, studying in an army school. I wanted to join the army. My brother noticed a newspaper advertisement which asked for models and he asked me to try my hand at it.

As destiny would have it, I went to Delhi to the photo agencies. I was picked for a suiting advertisement which was big and had top people involved. My photographs went across the globe and on Time magazine. My pay check got bigger than my dad’s salary, Ha-ha! I felt good and the goodness prevailed continuously. 🙂

Sandy: How difficult or easy was your journey to stardom?

Sudhanshu: Difficult to answer! 🙂 If I believe it’s difficult than it was difficult. My journey had its share of ups and downs but if I look at other people, I feel their journey was way more difficult. I started slowly and I steadily rose up. I always looked down and walked with no chance to fall. This is how I have always considered my journey and I am thankful that it has been good!

Sudhanshu with Tarla Dalal

Sandy: You were part of a cookery show Cook It Up with Tarla Dalal. How was it anchoring a show for the first time alongside the late Tarla Dalal ji?

Sudhanshu: It was my first time at anchoring and I must say it was a huge learning experience. Sony was keen to take me alongside the legendary personality, Tarla Dalal ji. It was a pure vegetarian food show and I had a ball. She was too cute and always used to laugh at my jokes. We shot for over 26 episodes and it was a big time hit.

Sandy: Your all boy group A Band of Boys became a sensation during the period of 2002-2005 and suddenly you all disappeared. Could you let us know why did you fade away from the scene altogether?

A Band of Boys

Sudhanshu: The group was a rage across the country. The first album had four songs and all of them were hits, Meeri Neend is still listened by many people. I was the first to opt out of the group. It wasn’t monetized properly and not many know that I was married and already had my first child by that time.

I was a young father with a family and it wasn’t an easy survival in Mumbai. I lost out on many jobs and offers whilst my full time with the band. It stopped making sense as I wasn’t earning well and things were turning difficult to handle. After some thought, I felt it’s time to come out but I had no problems with the band. After some more hits, everyone branched out from the band.

Sudhanshu in Singh is King

Sandy: You have acted in a handful of serials and many movies like Singh is King, Murder 2, Singham, Billa, etc. Which film(s)/ serial do you think turned your career and brought you immense recognition?

Sudhanshu: (Smiles) Combination of a few I guess. A Band of Boys gave me fame with the youth, Khiladi 420 was my launch pad as I was the parallel lead alongside Akshay Kumar. Singh is King gave me a lot of recognition overseas.

Many Punjabi women liked my young stylish Sikh avatar. Singham gave me a wonderful platform though it was a short but a very important role. I have done around 25 good and not so good films but each of them gave me some or the other thing!

Quick Shot Round:

  • Rohit Shetty: Successful
  • A movie you regret doing: None
  • Ajith: Nice human being
  • Bollywood: Brilliant place
  • If not an actor, Sudhanshu would have been a: No other option 🙂
  • Acting, Signing, Modelling, Anchoring – rate them in the order of preference: Same as you described 🙂
  • A habit of yours which you would want to change: Nothing!
  • You are stuck in an island for a day. You can carry two things with you and can have two people accompanying you. What would the items be and who would those two be? Make it three people Sandy, ha-ha-ha! My wife and my kids. A television and some raashan.
  • One good thing about the industry and one bad thing: It has good people and some bad people
  • If you were to play a superhero, who would that be: There is a comic superhero character named Fauladi Singh. I would love to play Fauladi Singh (have also registered a movie title “Fauladi Singh”)

Sandy: You will

be seen playing a negative role in the most awaited film 2.0 alongside Rajnikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson. A few words about all of them and your experience of working with them.

Sudhanshu with Rajnikanth

Sudhanshu: This is my third film with Akshay Kumar. I have scenes with him during the climax portion. He is in a way responsible for making me enter the film industry. It is always a cozy place with him around. He is simple at heart and we always crack silly jokes on sets. Amy Jackson is a sweet British girl and was good to work with her in 2.0.

Rajnikanth Sir is like a god in human form. He is the biggest examples of humility and it was phenomenal working with Rajni sir. My most of the work in 2.0 is with him, thus, we sat and talked about many things. he is a deeply spiritual person and a Shiv bhakt like me.

He gifted me a book with a sweet note written by him. He stated “Sudhanshu, this book changed my life and I want you to read this”. That was the most prized moment of my life Sandy!

Sandy: It is a great thing to act under the direction of Shankar. Could you describe any memorable incidents whilst working with Shankar?

Sudanshu: Shankar sir has worked with Rajni sir for many films. Shankar is a director who wouldn’t okay a scene if he isn’t convinced even if it has been 100 takes. 🙂 He goes on saying one more, one more until the time he gets the perfect shot. This shows his nature as a perfectionist. Shankar sir is a scientist!

Sandy: What can the audience expect from 2.0?

Sudanshu: 2.0 is a complete adventurous journey. With the amount of action, VFX and money spent on 2.0, it is going to be a spectacle. It is a 3D film which shall entertain each segment of the audience. The wait shall be totally worth it! 🙂

Sandy: What’s in the pipeline for Sudhanshu in the coming months?

Sudanshu: Apart from 2.0, I am having a special appearance in a Mahesh Manjrekar film. I am playing a negative role in a Tamil film, have a short film in hand, a home production and my second single is releasing soon!

Sandy: A few words about Hyderabad Local and anything you would like to convey to the readers?

Sudanshu: It is Hyderabad Local but I am sure it will soon be Global. 🙂 You are fun! Just keep going and we shall see you at greater heights soon!

Editor’s note: It was a wonderful experience interviewing Sudhanshu Pandey. Not many celebrities feel like family but collaborating with him did feel like one! Wishing Sudhanshu Pandey an awesome time ahead at the box office. 🙂

Interview by Sandy (Sandeep Rao)

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