It’s 2.0 For Sudhanshu Pandey

It’s 2.0 For Sudhanshu Pandey

Some people may imbibe talent but there are a few individuals who imbibe many a talents! Sudhanshu Pandey registers himself in the second category. Having started his career as a model, Sudhanshu paved his way into acting in Bollywood, made his name as a television host, made the nation hear to his soothing voice via Band of Boys, and made his own mark in the industry.

It has been nearly two decades since his inception, yet Sudhanshu Pandey still looks way younger than his counterparts. He has channeled his own video albums, and has been seen playing pivotal roles in films and TV shows. As they say, talent speaks for itself, and it’s all about Sudhanshu’s persona and skills that have earned him such opportunities in his career.

Come 29th November 2018, we shall Sudhanshu Pandey playing an integral role in Shankar’s 2.0. Not all get an opportunity to work alongside Shankar in a film which consists of a stellar star cast in Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar, but Sudhanshu Pandey did bag this opportunity!

Just like a second chapter, or version two, 2.0 shall be Sudhanshu’s biggest cinematic chapter of his life. This might be the biggie which shall put him to a different level altogether. Sudhanshu has seen hits to his credit, but securing a mega hit with a film which has been in the making for long (thanks to its VFX and CG works) gives a new high!

2.0 is one of the biggest films ever to be made in the history of Indian cinema and it is being awaited with bated breath. AR Rahman has scored the music while Amy Jackson plays the female lead.

The teaser shows Sudhanshu seated across a long table opposite Rajinikanth, Amy Jackson, Adil Hussain and others. His eyes do the talking on the scene in which he is showcased. Does he play a villain? Will Sudhanshu’s character change the course of Dr. Vaseegaran’s (Rajinikanth) path?

Lets wait for 2.0 to hit the screens to find out the answers! 🙂

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