An End To Asterix’s Journey With Anthea Bell

An End To Asterix’s Journey With Anthea Bell

Anthea Bell, one of the famous translators to bring the French “Asterix” comics to the English market had passed away on 18th October 2018 aged 82. Anthea Bell was a specialist in translating children’s literature and fairy tales. She also extended her hand in translating adult novels, art, history and musicology.

Bell was in Suffolk, England, on 10th May 1936 and had studied English at Somerville College in Oxford. She was the prime factor in translating the “Asterix” series into English along with Derek Hockridge.

She was widely acknowledged for using the right comic quotient whilst translation and for not losing the main essence of humor during the process.  

Anthea Bell continued her work for the “Asterix” till 2016, after which she fell ill and retired from all duties. Bell also worked on Kafka, Sebald, Freud, etc. She was honored as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 2010 for her works.

Her other famous books include A London Season, Pride and Prejudice, Sapphire Blue, The Ugly Duckling, Asterix the Gaul, The Little Mermaid, The Trip to Panama, and many more!

She married a publisher named Antony Kamm in 1957 until 1973. Her brother Martin Bell is an UNICEF UK ambassador. She is survived by her sons, Richard Kamm and Oliver Kamm.

It is a loss which is magnanimously hard to replace.

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