Premaku Raincheck: Checkmates Slowly!

Premaku Raincheck: Checkmates Slowly!

Premaku Raincheck: Checkmates Slowly!

NorthStar Entertainment reminds one of Pawan Kalyan’s films. Sharath Marar’s NorthStar Entertainment joined hands with Director-Producer Akella Peri Srinivas’s Stone Media films to give us Premaku Raincheck starring newcomers in lead roles. Has the film given us a soothing experience much like a rainfall? Let’s find out.

Vicky/ Wiki (Abhilash Vadada) plays a Vice President of an adventure sports company. Ramya Upadhyay (Priya Vadlamani) works under him and as the movie progresses, their relationship too progresses towards positivity. Wiki gets impressed by Ramya and it’s vice-versa. As the sailing seems smooth, Ramya fosters her feelings towards Wiki and positions herself to express it but the entry of Tanya (Monica Tavanam) spoils her plans.

From where did Tanya enter Wiki’s life? Will Ramya get embroiled in a messy situation due to Tanya? Will Wiki choose Tanya over Ramya or life has some other plans for him? The answers to these questions will be answered during the final moments.

Performance wise, Abhilash Vadada gives a decent act as a debutant. He has a good screen presence and a voice with a good base. The classy character suits him as there is a certain kind of demeanor attached to him. Priya Vadlamani looks beautiful and delivers a good act in her first film. As the runtime increases, you get to feel her importance in the film which suggests an author backed role she gets to play. Her diction is very good and she excels in a scene where she delivers a long dialogue about gods and goddess. It seems she is here to stay!

Monica Tavanam plays the other heroine in a character which requires her to be bold and stylish. She delivers her goods with aplomb. Interestingly, her sequences with Priya tend to be one of the catchy points in the film. Kireeti Damaraju is seen in a small role and he is apt. Raghu Karumanchi gets to play the only comedian in the film. Though his scenes do not evoke much laughter, but the way his character has been designed along with the props and a twinkle adds the difference.

Pavani Reddy and Kalki Mitra play Priya’s friends and they add the much-required boost to some scenes which seem bland. Senior actor Suman plays a pivotal role and he does justice. Cinematography holds the key to Premaku Raincheck as you get to witness some breath-taking visuals. Editing proves to be a low factor as some scenes could have been cut short without extension (Tanya’s entry pub scene).

Akella Peri Srinivas makes his directorial debut with this flick which is a triangle love story filled with some fun, emotions and some adventure. He excels in coming up with an innovative idea of an adventure sports company which is new to the Indian screens.

Premaku Raincheck’s ingredients look good but the taste could have been a little better. The product is satisfactory as it shows the meaning of love alongside an office life but wish the cooking time was levelled in accordance as it is poised at 148 minutes. Some more trimming can help the film to look better.

The songs, if listened on a music piece sound very catchy and soothing but the same feel doesn’t show up on screen. A lot of hard work seems to have gone into shooting some sequences (adventure episode, the Wonderla sequences) and they deserve a special mention.

Premaku Raincheck is a film which needs to be watched with no expectations of having a common romantic thread. It indulges in a thought provoking aspect of office life adding to one’s love life alongside true feelings towards the opposite individual. If you can understand this basic plot imbibed in the film, you would get glued to its proceedings slowly, if not, Premaku Raincheck may seem ordinary. Get your mind and heart to be simply stuck only towards the film to understand it’s subtle meaning!

Rating: 2.5/5

Review by Sandy (Sandeep Rao Kanukolanu)





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