Blab With Sandy: Sunny Vinayak Ram

Blab With Sandy: Sunny Vinayak Ram

Hey Peeps! Hope you all are doing good. We have Sunny Vinayak Ram with us in this week’s Blab with Sandy. He rose to instant fame with his wonderful mimic acts like Arjun Gogigeni, Chaganty and the much viewed Thanos celeb mimicry. Let’s dive into the blab I had with SVR:

 Sandy: Hey Vinayak Ram! How are you doing brother?

VR: Great bro! Hope you are doing good. 🙂

Sandy: Could you tell us about your background?

VR: I was born in Rajahmundry and studied at Usha Academy. I did my chemical engineering and I am from NIT Warangal. I won many competitions in cultural events like acting and dancing.

I gave my GATE examinations, and secured a place at IIT Madras. My CGPI was the highest and academically I did well. The creative bug within me got stronger during my college days and it developed ever since!

Sandy: How did mimicking interest you?

VR: I feel acting is all about observation. During my skits and acting events, I realized that I am good with voice imitation. It’s a method acting wherein body language also holds a special part in coming up with the act.

Sandy: Your portrayal as Arjun Gogineni, Chaganty and Avengers Thanos concept has catapulted you into instant stardom. How do you come about with the ideas and what makes you feel that a concept shall click with the audience?

VR: Playing to the galleries is not what I believe in! Just like optimization in chemical engineering, I feel optimization in the key for me in my mimic acts, ha-ha! I understand my strengths and make sure it matches with the idea.

Innovation is always appreciated; hence I tend to make my act more presentable with body language. Devadas Kanakala garu told that acting is a thought process. I follow my thought process and that’s how I am churning out simple yet innovative concepts.

Quick Shot Round:

  • Favorite Artist: Kevin Spacey for his impersonation, Jim Carrey and every actor who acts in a biopic
  • Favorite Mimic Moment of Yourself: Babu Gogineni, Megastar Chiranjeevi and Akkineni Nageshwara Rao
  • An act of yours which received the best response till date: Balakrishna’s mimic act
  • If you were to play a superhero, who would it be? I will reduce 30 kgs and play Iron Man or Batman
  • Which one would you pick- Dubbing for feature films/ cartoon films/ superhero flicks: Ha-ha! Depends on the subject but I would love to dub for films like Deadpool. It gives scope to use body language.
  • Industry folks praised you for your Thanos act. Can you name a few? Vijay Devarakonda, Actor Harsha Vardhan (Amrutham), Babu Gogineni, Sharwanand, Hanu Raghavapudi and others.
  • A film which you liked in the recent past: RX100, Rangastalam, Mahanati, Arjun Reddy
  • Favorite Directors: I like many of them but to name a few, it would be Rajamouli, Trivikram, Sandeep Reddy, Tharun Bhascker.
  • If you are stuck in an island and can have only two people accompanying you, who would those be? : Hahahahahaha! Tabu and Anushka Shetty. 🙂
  • Hyderabad: It’s a cool city with chilled out people. Love Hyderabadi biryani!
  • Favorite Color: Black! It’s a simple color 🙂
  • A film you would love to remake and star in: The Godfather saga. Megastar Chiranjeevi playing Marlon Brando and Ram Charan or Vijay Devarakonda playing Al Pacina. I would love to play Al Pacino too! 🙂
  • Love for you is: Purest thing
  • Tollywood: Love
  • Favorite Actors/ Actresses: Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan, Al Pacino, Amitabh Bachchan (I learnt Hindi only after seeing his films), Robert De Niro Jr, Kota Srinivas Rao, and SV Ranga Rao, Tabu, Ramya Krishna, Savitri, Anushka, Eashwari Rao and Nitya Menon.

Sandy: Your take on the web series trend? What would be the next big thing in cinema?

VR: Web series in the Indian market is currently doing strong. I feel the next big thing would be BIG web series. Something like an extended version of short films but with bigger star cast and high quality production houses coming together.

Sandy: What next for you in the coming months?

VR: I have a job but acting is love too! I want to be known as a complete actor like SV Ranga Rao, Kota Srinivas Rao, Paresh Rawal.

I acted in a small in Hanu Raghavapudi – Sharwanand’s film Padi Padi Leche Manasu. I hope to see more offers coming my way!

Sandy: A few words about Hyderabad Local.

VR: It’s a different and lovely take towards cinema. The interviews are not like interviews, rather it’s more a friendly banter. Wishing you more success in films and the entertainment industry. 🙂

Sunny Vinayak Ram with his mother

Editor’s note: It was total fun interviewing Sunny Vinayak Ram. He is an entertainer and here’s wishing him a great future in cinema with more entertainment and more laughs ahead!

Interview by Sandy (Sandeep Rao Kanukolanu)





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