Premaku Raincheck: Director’s Take

Premaku Raincheck: Director’s Take

With Premaku Raincheck nearing its release date (7th September), we caught up with its director Akella Peri Srinivas to know more about him and the movie.

Many people have been asking the meaning of “Raincheck”. What made you choose “Premaku Raincheck” as the title?

(Smiles) That’s a win for us with regards to our movie title. “Rain-check” is a very popular term used in the United States. It means nothing but to accept an offer or proposal, not immediately, but at a later time in the future.

The term “Raincheck” has a deep meaning in the film. Even if the audience doesn’t know it’s meaning, in the final moments of the film, they will clearly understand the reason behind picking Premaku Raincheck as our title.

This forms to be your debut film as a director at 51. Why did it take so long for you to plunge into filmmaking?

I wouldn’t say so long as I had been and I still am very happy with my life, with regards to my career and profession.
I did my graduation in Mechancial Engineering from Osmania and did my MBA from IIM, Lucknow. I worked with ICICI for many years. Later, I was a partner in a software company.
Currently I am an Investor and Investment Banker, helping companies on their corproate strategy,financial strategy and fund raising.

During the period of 2002-03, the urge to direct a film became high and steadily over the years it increased many folds higher. All the moments mentioned above made me come up with a story, thus urging me to direct Premaku Raincheck.

NorthStar Entertainment (Sharath Marar) has associated with your film which adds substance. How did this happen?

I am a producer too for this film under Stone Media Films banner. I have known Sharath Marar for some years and he happened to learn about this subject. Once he knew the scale and clarity I had about Premaku Raincheck, his NorthStar Entertainment banner come on board. It is a boost for a film like ours.

Premaku Raincheck stars newcomers. Few anecdotes on them.

Kireeti Damaraju and Akella Peri Srinivas

It is a love story and I feel having new actors works well for love stories. The casting took place for about eight months and finally we got Abhilash Vadada, Priya Vadlamani and Mounika Tavanam to play the lead roles. They have done a good job in the film.

Kireeti Damaraju plays an important role too in the film. It is unplanned but Premaku Raincheck is Kireeti’s immediate film after his stint in the Bigg Boss show.

What can the audience expect from Premaku Raincheck?

It is a film which is rich in visuals, different in its music and showcases a love story set-up in an office environment. Office doesn’t mean that one gets to see just the office atmosphere.

It is an adventure sports company; thus, the audience get a good understanding of Adventure Sports. Also, the audience are going to see the story travel to different locales like Dehradun, other parts of Uttarakhand, Kolkatta, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Sandy with Director Akella Peri. Talking about the leads, he says, the girl’s character is very strong and you will see a new approach towards love after watching Premaku Raincheck. All the actors have given their best to the cinema.

Each and every part of the script has been shot to be incorporated in the film. This shows the strength of its content. I am hopeful that Premaku Raincheck will cater to everyone.

Editor’s note: Premaku Raincheck  releases on 7th September 2018!

Here’s wishing Akella Peri Srinivas garu and the whole team of Premaku Raincheck a blockbuster time at the cinemas!

Interview by Sandy (Sandeep Rao Kanukolanu)





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