Blab With Sandy: Pranav Chaganty

Blab With Sandy: Pranav Chaganty

Hello Folks! This week’s “Blab with Sandy” has Pranav Chaganty with us. He is a poet, music composer and a rapper. He loves to rap in Telugu language and has earned a good fan base. Let’s dive into the blab I had with Pranav Chaganty, the rapping sensation:

Sandy: Hello Pranav! How are you buddy? 🙂

Pranav: Namaskaram! 🙂

Sandy: Could you tell us about your background?

Pranav: Big story but will tell it in a nutshell. I went through my IIT for 7 years but didn’t even write the exam. I secured 72% in Electrical engineering in my BTech. I belong to a lower middle-class family. In order to maintain our financial stability, i joined merchant navy and sailed for 2 years in an oil tanker ship.

Music was always in my blood. I used to listen to AR Rahman’s songs. I started singing and making tunes out of the blue. I even taught music to younger kids for earning some bucks. I also am an emotional person. During one of the acid attacks on a victim, I got so emotional that I could not sleep for couple of days.

I feel we need to live for the society and do our major bit. To convey it in cinematic language, I feel like Vikram in Aparichithudu. That’s when I started writing and vented my feelings out through my writings and songs.

Sandy: The rapping scene in Telugu language has truly evolved in the recent years. Your take on it?

Pranav: I still feel it needs to be truly evolved in Tollywood. Rap should be present in many movies. It is fun and intense but none are following it truly. I give my heart to rap and its giving me all the recognition.

Sandy: You give a lot of importance to Telugu. Some anecdotes on it and who are your role models in this field?

Pranav: I speak in Telugu and my family is fully well versed in the language, thus my strong grip in the language. I feel Sri Sri garu is the original rapper and he is the person who started rap. 🙂

Sandy: Your theme song on the Sunrisers Hyderabad team was an instant hit. Any memorable moments or messages you received for it?

Pranav: Many people tell me that my “Gunthalakadi Gula Gula Gula” is better than the original SRH theme song. It will always be a memorable song for me.

Sandy: Jai Pawanism, Drunkard on the Road, and the Pani Puri song. The three of them were hits too! Which one is closer to you?

Pranav: All, haha! Each of the songs brought me its own set of fame. Pani Puri song became viral on Youtube. Biggies of the industry called me personally to convey their wishes liking towards my song.

Drunkard song was more satirical and unique. I tried to convey a message in a funny manner. I met Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry garu, and believe me, he got up and applauded when i rapped the Drunkard on the Road for him. 

Pawan Kalyan gari fans approached me to make a song and that’s how ‘Pawanism’ song cropped up. I feel he is a person who wants to do a lot towards the society and I like that aspect.

Sandy: You have contributed to Telugu films like Yuddham Sharanam, Hello and others. Could you describe your experience in working for films?

Pranav: Yes, I worked for Paisa Vasool, Mental Madhilo, Hello, Yuddham Sharanam and many others. Rap is something we need to convey so much in less time. Director Vikram Kumar garu loved my work and if you notice, Vennela Kishore’s character in Hello is there specifically to fit the rap in a song. Loved working with all the music directors.

Quick Shot Round:

  • MM Keeravani: There is ‘Raagam’ in his name 🙂
  • Hyderabad: Life
  • Anup Rubens: Fun
  • Tollywood: Crazy talent
  • Favorite music director(s): AR Rahman, Harris Jayraj, SS Thaman, DSP, Mani Sharma, Keeravani.
  • If not a rapper, you would have been: Composer! Rap chose me 🙂
  • Your throat is gone for 3 days and you cannot talk/sing at all. What would u do? Haha! Will listen to songs and write my own! Three days of intense music 😉
  • A singer you would want to share the stage with: Taylor Swift, Rihanna

Sandy: Your favorite hangout places in Hyderabad? What is the best thing you like about Hyderabad and its people?

Pranav: Hyderabad citizens are fearless. I love Hyderabadi chai and also it’s weather!

Sandy: What’s in store for Pranav Chaganty in the coming months?

Pranav:  My recent rap song in Kaala received great applause and so did the four songs which i wrote for the movie. 🙂 and my Hyderabadi Chai is raking in wonderful feedbackRap is getting bigger and better. I have been to Mumbai, Chennai, Malaysia and other places to perform. Rap is universal and I want to make Telugu rap more famous.

Sandy: A few words about Hyderabad Local.

Pranav: The interviews are classy and the way it’s conducted or the way I was approached is entertaining. The kind of celebrities coming onboard for Hyderabad Local shows your quality. Love your other articles too, keep going. 🙂

And yes, to end it, Chaganty Sree Harsha is my brother. He is an actor and also a wedding planner. He is the one who encouraged me and without him I am nothing! 🙂

Editor’s Note: Wishing the rapping heartthrob Pranav Chaganty a peppy and fun-filled career ahead!

Interview by Sandy (Sandeep Rao Kanukolanu)

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