Karwaan Review: A Breezy Journey

Karwaan Review: A Breezy Journey

Karwaan Review: A Breezy Journey

Writer and Director Akarsh Khurana’s Karwaan starring Irrfan, Dulquer Salmaan and Mithila Palkar has been awaited with bated breath. The promos and music did generate good buzz amongst the film lovers. Has it sustained the interest?

Avinash (Dulquer Salmaan) plays a random IT guy who isn’t happy with his life. His aspirations of becoming a photographer hit a standstill, thanks to his non-approving father. An untimely accident makes Avinash lose his father and an even more untimely mix-up of dead bodies leads to Avinash getting an old woman’s body delivered instead.

Shaukat (Irrfan) plays Avinash’s former neighbor and an enterprising garage owner. He offers his van to make Avinash’s journey from Bengaluru to Kochi for exchanging the bodies. A college student named Tanya (Mithila Palkar) joins the road brigade alongside the coffin of her grandmother in the van.

While the road journey is taken to exchange the bodies, in return the three of them find out their own selves, and unearth the deeper meaning towards their common interests and future alike.

Karwaan rides along slowly during its initial stages but hits the right notes during the post interval portions. The characters have been etched to their traits but their connection goes little haywire in the topsy-turvy writing.

Nevertheless, director Akarsh Khurana wins brownie points with a fresh casting. Dulquer Salmaan, the Malayalam heartthrob gives an honest performance by easily slipping into the character. His easy-going presence in the film delivers charm and showcases an earnest offering.

Mithila Palkar has been an internet sensation and she imbibes her imperfection character with ease. Irrfan is top notch yet again with his acting. He plays Shaukat with apt humor and righteousness.

Cinematographer Avinash Arun captures South India, especially Kerala ridiculously well! There have been many road movies which have traversed the North Indian territories and Karwaan engages us with some South Indian ambiance.

Director Akarsh Khurana

Karwaan’s music sustains itself even after we come out of the theatres and that proves to be a winner. The background score goes together with the screenplay and the music department needs a mention. Director Akarsh Khurana’s Karwaan triggers a road trip with a familiar black comedy concept which takes a while to hit the mark. The small additional characters seem to hit a roadblock to the proceedings. But, the additional tinge of death setting the kickstart to the journey adds the difference.

Akarsh Khurana’s experience as a writer and actor proves beneficial for his first directorial venture. His knack of picking a subject which is simple yet fresh needs a special mention. He presents us with a film which wouldn’t give us something eternal but it gives us something pleasantly memorable. Karwaan can be watched to incorporate a fresh vibe into yourself!

My Rating: 3.5/5

Review by Sandy (Sandeep Rao Kanukolanu)




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