Blab with Sandy: Kalyaan Dhev

Blab With Sandy: Kalyaan Dhev

Hello Folks! This week’s Blab with Sandy is exciting as we have Kalyaan Dhev joining us. Kalyaan Dhev will be making his on-screen debut next week with Vijetha which is directed by Rakesh Sashii and produced by Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram (Sai Korrapati). Let’s wait no further and dive into the blab I had with Kalyaan:

Sandy: What excited you the most about the script of “Vijetha” that you gave your go ahead?

Kalyaan: Mainly, father and son relationship and the soul of the story. It is also the fact that it would connect to most of the youngsters of this and any generation.

Sandy: How was the experience in working with actors like Murali Sharma and Malvika Nair?

Kalyaan: I feel privileged to have shared screen space with Murli Sharma Garu, his suggestions helped to be a better actor.

Malvika Nair is a very good actor, and I enjoyed working with her. She is down to earth and a hardworking individual. They both are amazing costars. Very happy and thankful to have worked with them.

Sandy: It’s your first film but we get to see a confident Kalyaan Dhev in the trailer & promos. What kind of preparations you went through before plunging into the artistic ocean called Cinema?

Kalyaan: I went for training at Satyanand Acting Institution in Vizag. He had been an amazing teacher and I feel blessed to have gotten my first film though him. Very thankful to him!

Sandy: Any piece of advice you received from Chiranjeevi garu whilst working for this film? How has he reacted to your performance and the film?

Kalyaan: Firstly, I feel honoured and privileged to be a part of this family! I also feel very lucky to have started my first film as soon as I finished training as an actor.

I know this reply might sound a bit too monotonous for everyone but he has told me the same thing he had told everyone else. Work hard! He strongly believes that’s the only way to achieve goals. Also, never to give up and to treat failure and success equally.

Mamayya is happy to see my work, had always been my best critic and mentor. He hopes the best for our team VIJETHA.


Quick Shot Round:

Hyderabad: Home town

Mega Star Chiranjeevi: Idol

Favorite Genre: I don’t like to subject myself to one genre

If you were to remake Mega Star’s movie, what would it be?  Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari – My favorite film

A film which you enjoyed watching recently: Rangasthalam

A tagline of your life would be: Take life as it comes

Apart from acting, your other interests include: Pencil Sketching, Singing

A habit of yours which you would like to change: My sweet tooth

Rakesh Sashii: Perfectionist

Tollywood: My Guru

Sandy: What can the audience expect from “Vijetha”?

Kalyaan: I prefer them watching and letting us (team VIJETHA) know about their verdict.

Sandy: What next for Kalyaan Dhev after “Vijetha”?

Kalyaan: Not signed anything yet.

Editor’s note: Wishing Kalyaan Dhev and the entire team of Vijetha a blockbuster success at the box office!

Interview by Sandeep Rao (Sandy)




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