Blab with Sandy: Aditya Kelgaonkar

Blab With Sandy: Aditya Kelgaonkar

Hello Folks! In this week’s Blab with Sandy,  we have independent Hindi film director Aditya Kelgaonkar with us. He was part of the camera department for Jodhaa Akbar, and has worked as a director, cinematographer and writer for various shorts.

His new directorial short Sound Proof starring Soha Ali Khan has been selected for New York Indian Film Festival 2018, OIFFA in Ottawa, Canada and got a special mention at Asia South East Short film festival in Vietnam.  Let’s dive into the blab I had with him:

Sandy: Hello Aditya! How are you doing? 🙂

Aditya: Hey Sandeep! 🙂

Sandy: Congratulations! Your movie Sound Proof has been picked for the New York Film Festival and it got premiered in New York. 🙂

Aditya: Thank you so much. I am thrilled with the response the film is getting.

Sandy: How did Sound Proof materialize? What is it all about (if you can disclose)? 🙂

Aditya: Sound Proof is about a woman trying to live freely in a society full of rules. It’s an idea that was with me for quite some time. It took over a year for me to write it and tremendous amount of effort from the entire team for it to become a film.

Sandy: How was it working with Soha Ali Khan?

Aditya:  When I wrote the script, I was sure that the actor who plays the central character Sana needs to have the gravitas and the pleasantness of being to carry the film on her shoulders. It’s her journey and the audience will get involved only if she takes them along with her.

Soha brought all this and more. She came in whole heartedly and apart from being fantastic on screen, she was a pleasure to work with off screen as well! We were lucky to have her on board and hopefully I’ll get to work with her again. 🙂

Actually not just Soha, I was truly lucky to have an amazing cast and crew, each one a brilliant professional!

Sandy: How did Vinay Pathak come on board?

Aditya: I have been working with Vinay in theatre for a few years now. He’s an incredible actor and really versatile. He’s also a dear friend. I gave the script to him to read to take feedback.

He reacted very positively to the script and was really kind in agreeing to do a role. I’ve admired his work in films and on stage for a long time and It was an enriching experience for me to collaborate with him on the film.

Sandy: You worked for a film called Mantra which starred Rajat Kapoor and Kalki Koechlin. Can you share your working experience with the two of them?

Aditya: Rajat and Kalki apart from being accomplished actors are also wonderful and warm people. Mantra was a very difficult project for all of us since we hardly had any money to make the film. Rajat being a filmmaker himself understood this. He brought a sense of calm to the project which helped us when the going got tough, which was often!

Both Rajat and Kalki stood firmly behind the project and the film is what it is today because of their help and support. Thanks to Mantra, I got to work with Rajat on two of his new plays. I had always been a huge fan of his plays and am thrilled to be working with him! 🙂

Sandy: You were part of the magnum opus called Jodhaa Akbar. Can you share some insights?

Aditya: It was a magnum opus in the true sense. I was quite young then, it was my first big project and it was HUGE! It taught be a lot about practical aspects of film making.

Also it was a phase in my career when I was working in the camera department, assisting Mr. Kiran Deohans. He was and is a world-class cinematographer. I considered him to be my teacher and a lot of what I’ve learnt about the visual aspect of filmmaking is from him.

Quick Shot Round:

  • Sound Proof: Happiness!
  • Soha Ali Khan: Sana
  • Vinay Pathak: A fantastic actor and a dear friend
  • Favorite Genre: Murder mystery
  • Directing/ Writing/ Cinematography: Rank them in the order of preference – I love them all. Also Editing!
  • You get 3 free passes to travel around the world for 20 days. Which Bollywood personality would you tag along? – No one, I love solo traveling!
  • Anything you would like to change in Sound Proof? – Absolutely nothing!
  • Hobbies: Sports (playing, watching), reading, listening to music

Sandy: What’s in store for Aditya Kelgaonkar in the coming months?

Aditya: Working on a Marathi feature film script that I plan to make this year. It’s a murder mystery. 🙂

Sandy: Would like to convey anything to the readers about Sound Proof?

Aditya: Watch it! If you follow me or any of the key cast or crew on IG or FB, you will know when and where the screenings are coming up or if the film is releasing online. Do watch it and spread the word. 🙂

Sandy: A few words about Hyderabad Local

Aditya: I think it was wonderful of you on behalf of Hyderabad Local to reach out to me, I really appreciate it. Independent filmmakers need all the help and support we get. Looking forward to a long and meaningful association with Hyderabad Local! 🙂

Editor’s Note: Wishing Aditya Kelgaonkar, Soha Ali Khan, Vinay Pathak and the entire team a resonating success filled with happy screams for their short film Sound Proof .


Interview by Sandeep Rao (Sandy)

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