Avengers: Infinity War – Viewer Response

Avengers: Infinity War – Viewer Response

Hyderabad Local presents you a viewer response upon the magnum opus called “Avengers: Infinity War” which is ruling the Box Office currently. We have Ashmieta Pati, a movie buff, putting forward her views on the film.

Avengers: Infinity War

I promise no spoilers ahead. Just feelings!

18 films. 10 years. 1 villain.

The film manages to encapsulate every emotion, inside jokes, character introductions and insane drama within the run time. Given the humongous cast involved, this is a mean feat to achieve, and justice has been served.

The marvel fan in me couldn’t stop hooting every time my superheroes entered the frame. Be prepared for some amazing superhero suits, insane wizardry and Asgardian badassery! Nostalgia is bound to set in, when you marvel (pun intended) at this cinematic repository. All our favorites showcase their superpowers together, while this magnanimous villain is at play.

The Man of the hour, Thanos! He is not just any other villain. He’s got a clear motive. Like the Joker (DC reference – you know 🙂 ), there is no inherent need to rule the world but to make it realize that its totally messed up and needs to change. Only difference is Thanos wants to bring that change by himself. But unlike all other villains, he doesn’t want to rule the entire universe.

He proves that not just in words but he is unfazed and totally committed to his goal. That’s what makes him a great antagonist. He doesn’t have any personal agenda but a goal to save the universe at any cost. It might seem mad but that’s what sets him against everyone. Finally, a worthy adversary.

It is a thing of immense magnitude. Avenger’s Infinity War has an intricate story line, varied characterizations, different timelines and few things that took 10 years to culminate. The climax is unexpected and that generates pin-drop silence. Keep an eye out for the end credits scene. The flick is worth the wait and would like to thank Russo brothers for succeeding in boggling our minds.

-Ashmieta Pati

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