OCTOBER Movie Review: Thoughtful and Deeply Moving

OCTOBER Movie Review: Thoughtful And Deeply Moving

OCTOBER: All about Love, Sorrow and Life

Shoojit Sircar’s last outings have given the audience a lot of variety. His new film “October” has been buzzing since quite some time, thanks to its unique title. The ever-bankable Varun Dhawan’s teaming up with the sensible director raised the expectations. Has “October” delivered its goods with aplomb? Let’s find out.

“October” is a story of Danish aka Dan’s (Varun Dhawan) weird but happy-go-lucky attitude towards love and life. He is a hospitality management trainee at Radisson Hotel along with several others which includes Shiuli Iyer (Banita Sandhu). A freak accident turns Shiuli’s life upside down and affects Dan in a considerable way. He views her condition in a different manner from the others. The remaining plot depicts the mortality, sorrow and the positive attitude one should carry in life.

The idea is wafer-thin but the execution is top notch. Writing deserves a special mention and the women behind it is Juhi Chaturvedi. Her collaboration with Shoojit Sircar has produced remarkable products to Hindi Cinema. The BG score by Shantanu Moitra suits the mood and though the film has tracks in the playlist, you wouldn’t find even a single song in the film (wish “Theher Ja” was incorporated). Avik Mukhopadhyay’s cinematography is apt and natural to the eyes.

Varun Dhawan’s forte has been commercial potboilers but with “Badlapur”, he proved his mettle as an actor. It’s good to see him picking meaningful subjects at intervals, as its creating his case as a potential actor. “October” can be easily termed as one of his best acts. He is natural and charming with his sincere performance.

Newcomer Banita Sandhu has performed well and her eyes do most of the talking. Geetanjali Rao plays her mother and she offers a honest performance. Shoojit Sircar delivers a film filled with somberness and sadness. But, if you are intelligent enough to unravel some moments in the film, you will clearly have a different outlook towards love and life.

The ending seemed a little abrupt. With a runtime of 115 minutes, “October” is far from the regular films you witness every Friday. If you like movies filled with slowness, calmness and some emotional depth, then this one is for you!

Rating: 3.5/5

Review by Sandeep Rao Kanukolanu (Sandy)

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