Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Watch ‘Hichki’

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Watch ‘Hichki’

Reasons why you shouldn’t watch HICHKI?

This article caters to all the people who are in positions which have them lead a group of people, be it the coaches of a sports team, leaders of a party, bosses of an organization, parents, teachers and the list goes on. Let us say this article belongs to each one of us.

Wait no further and dive into the hiccups, sorry pointers!

  • If you truly look at the positive aspects of your team members and help build their energies towards the positive way of life, then you don’t have to watch HICHKI
  • If you like looking at people’s skills through an out of the box view, you are doing good. You don’t need to watch HICHKI
  • If you try hard to make your subordinates and peers understand their value and help emphasize on their strengths, you wouldn’t need to throng the theatres to watch HICHKI
  • If you never compare your player with another, instead focus on his/her abilities and drive them towards their positives, you better stay at home and stay away from HICHKI
  • If you understand the hidden aspects of a person through your eyes and motivate him/ her at all instances, you are as good as Rani in HICHKI
  • If you treat everyone equal and show no bias towards a certain section of people, Wow! Why weren’t you cast in HICHKI?
  • If you don’t act two faced in front of people and be the way you are, you better reach the YRF Casting office
  • If you have it in you to make things work, not by picking the negatives of people but always the positives and churn the way out, ahem ahem…, don’t even bother about HICHKI
  • If you value emotions, skills, truth and have the knack to appreciate others, you better be directing HICHKI

In case you missed ticking even a single point mentioned above , then please close this browser and run to watch HICHKI!!!!!!!

If you have tick marked each and every point, even then please go and watch HICHKI to see yourselves on the screen.

Hiccups are part of life. You drink water and they slowly recede.

Be the water to people and not the hiccup.


Sandeep Rao Kanukolanu (Sandy)

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